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Any interest in 16MB Mac IIFX memory modules?


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Well my first ones were 1.6mm, but they are WAYYY too hard to get in/out of the socket. I basically had to wriggle it back and forth multiple times for it to fit in the socket and getting it out felt like I was going to rip the whole board with it. I measured the original ram I have here and it's around 1.2mm, but if it needs to be a little bigger, then I'll do some tricks I guess heh. 
The boards need to be 1.27mm thick.   The original spec. is for .050", which is 1.27mm.  There's some +/- in that spec, but really not enough to go to 1.2 or up to 1.6.

1.6mm is .063" thick board, which is far thicker than .050".  I'm amazed that you could get it into the socket at all.

I posted some datasheets for SIMM sockets in an old thread, which included the specs for boards that fit into the sockets.  



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Well with the 1.6mm it is possible to get them in there, I just wouldn't recommend it. You have to kind of put it on top of the socket then rock the simm back and forth until it goes in. It might be a good option if you never want to take it out again, but taking them out is really scary lol 



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Great.  Count me in for 1 set (4 modules).  I was thinking of getting 128MB but I think that's probably a little over the top (though it would be cool to look at "About this Macintosh" and give myself a satisfying nod  :)  )



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Yeah, wow...never thought I'd see a roll like that!

I definitely would like some of these, but I just bought the Portable 8 MB RAM card from @maceffects...the problem is we have so many good projects on this forum, and limited budgets!

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