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Any ideas for a battery slug?


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Recently acquired an old Duo 230, and trying to make it operational piece by piece. Since the original charger went poof shortly after test booting the machine: my power solution for testing has been an old Wallstreet series charger. Pretty much, I was just glad the charger wasn’t still plugged into the Duo at the time 🤣.

Since the battery is dead as you can imagine: I’ve kept it separate—no sign of leaks or serious corrosion, but looks like the seam was getting lose to one side or a cell must be starting to swell. I’ve been thinking about ways to not leave the empty battery slot open.

Does anyone know of a good way to make a slug to fit the cover over the battery slot?

My first thought was pop the cover off, pry it open, gut it, clean it, and hope to be able to put the empty battery case back together. But I imagine that I’m not the first loony toon person to want the battery slot covered, and not have to worry about when old cells might decide to leak or swell up. (Nor do I really want to find out first hand how well storing old laptop batteries in a ziplock works for saving my closet, lol)


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Welcome Spidey01 :)

You can remove that sliding cover on the Duo battery and use just this to slide over the slot. Needs careful prying of a tab behind the cover to slide it off fully.


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Lost two thin strips on the inside trying to pry it off, but seems like I was successful in not breaking it. Couldn’t get it on at first, then realized that it has to be slide in from the side like it is when the battery is inserted. Otherwise there’s nothing to catch the edge and grip it on.

Thanks @Byrd 😁


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Herb sells the sliding battery covers for the Duos that are on Type III batteries. I've bought from him in the past, and I was happy in the end. I'm pretty sure he's on the spectrum, so don't expect it to be straightforward.