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    Designers on quest to build $12 computer (based on NES)

    Now THIS really piqued my interest (found this thanks to Slashdot): http://news.bostonherald.com/business/technology/general/view/2008_08_04_Designers_on_quest_to_build__12_computer/ To quote the highlight of the article.... EDIT: I changed the title of the thread as it's already been...
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    Reconstructing Apple I BASIC from a Cassette Tape

    Folks, I don't think you can get any geekier than this. Retro reverse engineering: Reconstructing Apple I BASIC from a Cassette Tape If my wife ever found out that I found this SO sexy, she'd divorce me in a heartbeat and take the kids. :lol:
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    Apple QuickTake 200

    Just liberated a nice Apple QuickTake 200 from the media center of one of the schools I work for. It was going to be surveyed out, but since it wasn't tagged for property control it would have ended up in the trash heap. I spoke with the media specialist and asked her if I could take it if it...
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    Engadget: Custom-Built Apple IIgs Laptop

    Engadget has a story about Ben Heck who has built an Apple IIgs laptop using an Apple IIgs logic board and some other parts for the chassis. http://www.engadget.com/2008/04/14/ben-heck-outdoes-himself-again-with-the-iigs-laptop/ Looks really nice IMO. :b&w:
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    Finally, Some Liberations...

    It's been a while since I've done this (and my wife is probably going to kill me for doing so :p ), but I finally liberated some Apple equipment from one of the schools in our district. The tech at that particular school is a fellow coworker and offered it up for grabs before dumping it out...