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Modern replacements for old Wacom tablet pens

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Whilst researching the Wacom ArtPad II for my Macintosh Classic, I stumbled across some information that the Samsung Galaxy Note S-pen is compatible with the pen used on the Wacom ArtPad and other tablets from that period. I love that the same technology is being used almost 30 years on. 


So after buying a Wacom ArtPad II, which came with an original pen, out of curiousity I bought two different types of S-pen to confirm the information I had read. 




The smaller S-Pen (here white, about the size of a Nintendo DS stylus) cost £2. However the one I received was broken, in that it was always clicking. 


The larger S-Pen (here black, a little larger but still only a third or so the size of the original Wacom pen). This works just fine with my ArtPad II. The nib has ever so slightly more friction than the original pen but it's a good stand in. It's comfortable for pointing.


A bigger pen is better for drawing. You might be able to rehouse the S-pen, 3D print a larger body, or simply buy a larger and more expensive S-pen. 


I hope his is useful to somebody who has a tablet but no pen. 


Pen compatibility between models:

* Intuos3 pens can only be swapped with other Intuos3 pens

* Bamboo pens and Graphire pens are interchangeable

* UltraPen, Cintiq pen, “Penabled” pen, ArtPad / UD / CT pen, or S-pen are interchangeable



-  https://greg-kennedy.com/wordpress/2014/11/19/wacom-artpad-ii-kt-0405-r-to-usb/ (plus comments)




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Just FYI for future folks. I too purchased a Wacom artpad II without a pen. These seem to work well for me (and the price is right)


AWINNER Official Galaxy Note4 Stylus Touch S Pen for Galaxy Note 4 -Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty (Black-2PC) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01KK5R7YG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_BKSGDZXRNM9NDTQD7RS0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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@landoGriffin what are the dimensions of the pen you bought?


I have a Samsung Galaxy Note "S-Pen with Eraser" on its way to me, which is apparently more like the size of the original Wacom pen. Plus it is round, unlike the two S-Pens in my photo above.


It's difficult to find dimensions of any of these pens.



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Samsung S-Pen with Eraser works, eraser and all. Pretty good replacement/alternative. 


This was damaged stock and came boxed but without any replacement nibs. 



That's it from me. I don't plan to buy any others. 



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