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Floppy not working in SE/30 - but working in other machine?

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I have two SE/30s and recently tried the floppy drive in one and found it throwing up the "This disk is unreadable" error, and then fails to initalise any disks I have.


I took the drive out, re-greased the metal and cleaned the heads with IPA, but no luck. I then took the floppy from my other SE/30 and swapped it in. Still no luck, so I tried the "broken" drive in the other SE/30 and it works fine! They are both Sony 2MB drives (looks like one is Rev2 and the other Rev3).


I have some Classic's as well. Any one know if their drives will work in an SE? I tried the SE drive on a Power Mac and the eject function went a bit crazy :)


Anything obvious I can try to get this working? The machine hasn't been recapped yet, but has been cleaned. It works fine except for faint audio.

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I do not know, if it matters, but the SE/30 had somtimes a 800KB drive when it was upgraded from a SE. The floppy cable had a yellow cable at one side. I have one of those upgraded versions. The 1.44 MB floppy cable had a red cable. Perhaps you have the wrong cable in the SE/30? Please correct me, if the cable color has no influence on the function.

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