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2400c backlight has apparently died

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I bought a 2400c last year (which I mentioned in this thread a while back). I didn't use it much for the last few months, and when I went to try using it again I found that the backlight won't come on. You can still barely see that the screen is active so it appears to be functional, but obviously it's a bit tricky to use without a backlight. Any ideas about what could cause this or how to fix it? I'm assuming it's a hardware failure and not something could be fixed any other way, but I'm not sure what exact part might be the culprit, or whether it might be cost effective to try and fix it.

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The inverter boards occasionally die as well. I don't really have any tips or tricks for diagnosing which one is at fault though; I just swap known-good parts until something works and then replace the bad assembly. It's difficult to get the individual tubes for those IBM LCD panels and I don't know how to effectively troubleshoot the major components on the inverter board.

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