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Newton Power Supplies

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Hello All; i have a chance to get a free Newton from a friend (finally, have wanted one forever!) 


He says "have the model 100, 120, even a 2000.   You'll need to get a power supply for it."


Is any of these models easier to find a power supply for, either OEM or realistically third party/generic?


Thanks; and much appreciated if anyone has a source or links to the right supply that will fit any of these models. 


Was going for the 2000 because it probably has the most software/features/capabilities.  Thank you!

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On 7/24/2020 at 12:16 PM, cheesestraws said:

7v, 0.5A DC, centre-positive connector.


I'm in the UK so no idea where a good place to get one over there is, but I'd have thought any reasonable analogue-ly adjustable one should be able to deal with putting 7V out.



Hi I have exactly the same adapter and it works fine on both a MP120 and 130.

I wonder if it could work as well on a MP2000?

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