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SCSI ID Selector Switch on back of Hard Disk SC

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I have a Hard Disk 20SC external SCSI drive enclosure that has a SCSI ID selector switch on back.  Because I am using a non-stock IBM DGHS 4.5GB drive inside, I've left the SCSI ID select switch cable disconnected.  But I am eager to change the SCSI ID on the fly.  


Here's a photo of the drive label, showing the SCSI ID jumper settings:


IBM DGHS 4.5GB Hard Drive Specs



I believe the precise jumper settings follow what is shown on page 17 of this PDF.


And here's a photo of the inside of my HD20SC (a still image from my PSU recapping video):





It seems that an ST-225N was the stock drive and its SCSI ID jumpers seem to correspond to that blue connector in my above photo:




What I am curious about is how the HD20SC's SCSI ID selector cable works.  I haven't yet torn apart my HD20SC to figure it out myself.  I will do that, but I wanted to post here first. The above ST-225N diagram shows 4 pairs of pins that can be shorted to select SCSI ID, but the drive enclosure's blue connector only has a 6-wire cable, meaning it could only control 3 pairs, not 4.


Any thoughts?

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Now that I ponder the DGHS's jumper table a bit further, it seems that only 3 pairs of pins are jumpered in order to select SCSI ID's 1 to 7.  So it should be a simply matter of extending the wires of that Blue connector so it reaches the front of the drive.

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