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SSD for Powermac G3 beige minitower

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15 hours ago, Cory5412 said:

That'd probably be it! Thank you!


Do you know off hand if the Wiebetech version will fit on the version of this card with the smaller ROM? If so, that might be what happened here, or, it's got the right ROM but it is corrupted.


Yes, the Wiebetech works with the smaller ROM, and shouldn't have an EEPROM check like the SeriTek ROM (the SeriTek ROM checks what manufacturer of EEPROM is used, if it's not on its internal list it will not work). Given Taddy is using OS X 10.2, judging by the Darwin Kernel version reported by the KP log, it should just work, as the Wiebetech ROM works with 10.2 and up. So that's why I suspect something else is wrong with it. These are cheaply manufactured cards after all, a QC slip up wouldn't surprise me.

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I had a pain with the S-ATA PCI card with SIL3112 chip, so I got an S-ATA PCI card (ACARD AEC-6290M) that works with Beige G3.
The hardware operating environment is Classic Mac OS 8.5, OS 9.x and OS X (10.1 to 10.4).i-img1200x675-1610333669afigrn304926.thumb.jpg.30f5e6fd0798e2d9289f0bd5db634aa6.jpg
However, since ACARD AEC-6290M has been discontinued, we have no choice but to look for distribution stock or eBay.

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