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Driver for Dove FastNET SE NIC

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I have a Macintosh SE with a Dove FastNET SE NIC card installed but couldn't find the driver for it anywhere. This is what I've gathered about this card: 


1. The card was manufactured by Dove Computer Corporation (https://fccid.io/HY7) whose main business is network/telecommunication equipments

2. The card belongs to a family of similar NIC for 68k Macintoshes. The FastNet SEn is for the Mac SE whereas the FastNet SE/30s is for the SE/30. See details here https://archive.org/stream/TNM_Ethernet_connectivity_products_Fast_Net_-_Dov_20171214_0072/TNM_Ethernet_connectivity_products_Fast_Net_-_Dov_20171214_0072_djvu.txt

3. There is a driver (DoveEthernetkaart.sit) from http://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/network.shtml for the SE/30 version of the card. However, the file seems to be corrupted and can't be opened with any version of StuffIt Expander. There was a thread on this forum https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28834-dove-fastnet-se-extensionsoftware/ where somebody encountered exactly the same issue, with no replies. The same file found on other mirrors is also corrupted! The archive CD for Mac Driver's Museum found here https://www.macintoshrepository.org/8258-mac-drivers-museum-archive-1990-2003- also contains the same corrupted file!

4. I found an old list (ftp://ftp.uni-potsdam.de/pub/systems/mac/Help/abs/comm.txt) which mentions dove-fastnet-3-amd.hqx and dove-fastnet-3n-nat.hqx being the drivers for the FastNET III with the AMD and National chipsets respectively, but these files cannot be found anywhere online. At one point (around May 1993) these files were posted to the newsgroup com.sys.mac.digest and available on the InfoMac archive. The current archive https://archive.info-mac.org/ does not contain these files, and nor does the 1994 CD-ROM release (https://archive.org/details/Info_Mac_IV_CD-ROM_Pacific_HiTech_Inc._August_1994). It was posted to "comm/net" in the archive, which was probably renamed to "comm/inet" later, with many files removed. 


If anyone has the driver for this card, let me know. Thanks a lot! 



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