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Macintosh Portable Battery Rebuild

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Basically what you want to do is use Nail Polish Remover, Set the battery upside down in a tubber ware and fill up about a 1/4 inch past the seam,

let it soak for about 4 hours... ( this i did not do ) i was impatient, finished with a dremel.


you can see the seam that i did let it soak some and it came right apart with the twist of a flat head.


Anyways I found a good replacement, It's 6v and 5.0 AH, Fits nicly!

19.99 at batteries plus.

Check pictures for exact model #





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Its pretty much complete, just letting it sit for a while to make sure the GOOP holding the +/- pads sets up before I try it.

I like it this way because, i can just peel off the tape, and install another battery once this one dies, this model of battery is very common.




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That looks exactly like the "Exit Sign" batteries I've been looking into for a similar thing. I just wanted to make an external battery pack with the charging circuit and battery from the sign.

I don't see myself lugging the portable to a WiFi Cafe! How many AMP/Hrs is (was) the original battery pack spec?

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couple things:


Personally I would not run it with out a battery, it will work yes, I feel there is still not enough wattage to really run it safely, especially the backlit version.


One example do not use a external disk drive, with out a battery installed, on disk eject it reboots the portable :(


i didnt see any shortage on any battery site


That might be the case, the manager of batteries plus was just talking about their in-store stock.

Trust me, I am all about OEM stock replacement. Might still be able to buy them online just as easy for a good long time.


This 6v 5ah battery I chose happen to work out quite well, and will remain in-stock

over all i am happy with the 20 dollar bill i spent on this battery project. I think its going to work out just fine!


Oh one thing, This battery I bought, It comes with a 12 month free replacement warranty :)

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use Nail Polish Remover, Set the battery upside down in a tubber ware and fill up about a 1/4 inch past the seam,

let it soak for about 4 hours

Acetone (nail polish remover) fumes are quite toxic - with this procedure you would want to make sure there is good ventilation.


Another way to crack the glue bond is to use a fine paintbrush or sponge applicator for the acetone (Goof-off is similar chemically) and keep running that around the seam area while prodding and prising away with a sharp but strong steel blade, loosening one corner first. Once you can lift one corner enough to get the blade in, just paint away at the next stuck part of the joint and follow it around as it loosens.



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ok update.


You want the 5.0 AH cyclone replacement for this.

They are not acutely 6.0VDC, They are 6.7 to 6.6 VDC

and this (.6 - .7V) is critical to make the hard drive work properly!

* theres no way around it * trust me.

( if you are interested in running the HD from battery )


This battery I have chosen sits fully charged at 6.4volts.

It will run Spin/boot from that hard drive, but only for about 10 to 15 minutes (max)

(Once freshly disconnected from the charger) Then as soon as the battery goes below 6.4Volts (witch does not take long)

the HD will stop and not spin back up, even if you are already booted into the os.



If you are booting the os with out a HD or are maybe using Single or Dual Floppy drives or external(tested), It will run for hours and hours no problem, on this alliterative (non cyclone) solution.

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i must have something else wrong... this new battery is doing the same as the old one.

Basically the hard drive will only work if its plugged in.

if the HD does work off the battery it will only run for about 5 to 10 minutes max.


something aint right and its kinda pissin me off.


any ideas?


well in some google searches, looks like my issue might be a little more serious then i thought.

I guess the back-lit portable's have voltage regulator IC issues...

because it clearly states in other threads the hard drive should spin even at battery voltages of not less then 5.7 VDC.





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I bought the three separate batteries and soldered them together. Exact fit batteries. When my backlit unit gets here next week ill recap it and tell you if I have the same issue. I know the hard drive failing and backlight decrease battery life but mine goes 16 hours use. (Without backlight).

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wether your works ... or doesn't work isn't going to help me.

I already know this integrated cyclone replacement works great, because mcdermd has the same one. He's been running it for more then 5 years now in his portable.


Besides my original battery solution should work fine because the HD should spin all the way down to 5.7 volts, My issue is a onboard voltage regulation.

But right now i'm not tearing this thing down again. Its going to remain in its state until, I get some expert advice from someone that has dealt with this voltage regulation issue. So far in the Threads listed, is no known solution for the back lit version...

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Batteries are engineered for specific duty cycles. If yours is indeed a replacement battery for an exit sign, it probably expects a low power continuous charge and then a low power drain requirement. The Portable battery is likely designed for a bit deeper discharge at startup and a higher power drain while under load.


That's a WAG based upon a rudimentary understanding of the differences between Marine and Automotive batteries, BTW.

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