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Reset eMate 300

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I'm about to pull my hair out here.


I did a hard reset of an eMate 300 and now the NewtonWorks suite is gone. When I attempt to install the NW packages from the Mac, it tells me that it cannot activate them on the eMate because these versions on "Internal" conflict with a version already present on "Built-In". I can't figure out how to activate the "Built-In" version, though. This eMate is making me feel dumb.

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I've noticed the same behavior. Works is definitely there; it just doesn't show up at first.

Try playing around with the display options of the Extra drawer. Display all icons, unfiled icons,

or switch to overview. I think Works will show up eventually...until the next reset.



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Since everyone's all abuzz about these things, it sounds like it's about time I get one for myself and see what all the excitement's about!


It will be fun to venture into something other than Macs and PCs. I'm dabbling in Apple II land, but I haven't gotten far (I don't know how to use the thing, yet!)


So I will also ask how much you want for one of your eMates.



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Oops!! :I


I didn't see the complete date! All I saw was the month of March, so I thought, "He must've offered these within the last few days. I better get in line!"


I guess it's time to post a wanted ad, then.





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