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Lot of Goodness

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Well this is going to be a fruitful day.


So far I have picked up a box of Mac Cards for $20 and it included:


11 Video cards including a 9800pro Mac Edition, ixtwin turbo, and a bunch of rage 128's

1 G3 Powerlogix Upgrade PDS Card

4-5 USB Cards

1 USB/Firewire Combo card (has rust on one FW Connector on the board)

1 FW Card by Macally

2 604 cards of unknown speed

1 601 card for a 7500 or possibly a 9150 WGS


Now from the same guy I just came to an agreement to get:


Powerbook 145

Powerbook 170

Powerbook 185

Macintosh Portable in working condition

Apple IIe

Apple III

Macintosh SE with 4/40 FDHD upgraded


all for $100, just need to go pick it up


So all of that for $120. My first good conquest in ages!

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Did some checking on the units. Tried from my one 100 series PSU on the portables but without luck. I have to wait for a battery from the guy before I can power up the Portables (he has it buried somewhere).


The 170 works but the LCD cable is pinched.


The 145b is dead and on opening found damage on the CPU card. Screen is good (plugged it into the 170 board, but it kept fading to white).


The 180 boots fine but it doesn't seem to see the HD. Some Silverlining info box appears at startup in the bottom right hand. Inserting a boot floppy and 7.5 does not see the HD, neither does HD Setup. Screws to open are T10 oddly enough.


Nothing else tested this evening. I hope to do the rest as time allows. Pics can be taken if anyone wants to see them.

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Got the battery for the portables. Both power up, but the unit with the HD cannot power it up. The other unit without the HD just gets a sad mac.


Doesn't seem to matter if the battery is in it or not...more tinkering to do.


The 145b is completely dead. The HD became a transplant to the 180, but it didn't even power up...damn it was an IBM drive too. I'll just pop another drive into the 180 later.


I'm not sure what to do with the 170...I need to locate the pinched cable somewhere and see if I can fix it. Or find a good top screen from a 140/170.


I booted the SE and it works fine except the floppy drive is shot. It is also a 4/20 and not 4/40 as stated before.


Not bothered to boot up the Apple equipment just yet. Will later on when I have more time.

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IIRC . . . somewhere . . . I posted the cable conversion in a PCB design sketch that would get a standard or laptop SCSI Drive to work in a Portable, that alone should reduce you power requirements appreciably, but unplug the FDD as well, just for kicks.


I haven't tried either as yet. YMMV! :-/


edit: No coffee yet . . . went straight to ImageShack and found the incomplete drawings . . . :I


schematic sorta



incomplete routing for adapter



It'd probably be better to do the conversion with twisted pairs if you can find soldertail connectors . . .

. . . or split one end of a length of 50 pin ribbon cable . . . or both if it's easier . . . no PCB involved . . .

. . . dunno. My brain works in PCB format . . . and I HATE putzing around with wiring harnesses . . .


ojfd would be the one to ask if you're interested in either approach.

If somebody makes a set of adapter boards, I'll buy one! :approve:


< . . . trots off to make coffee . . . >


< . . . slurp . . . >


back again: I think the above makes enough sense to be deciphered. I didn't worry about trace lengths, just connections, with a two sided board from Seed and more separation, it ought to be easy to keep all the traces equal in length, which is why I suggested the wiring conversion be done in split ribbon cable with standard header connectors for a one off


The SCSI out pinout is there for clarity . . . check that . . . it makes it more complicated at first sight . . . but it's great for error checking. ;)

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