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Lots of goodies

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Took a trip to a customer today who's getting rid of some old Mac stuff. I love people who keep the boxes :-)


Rev A Bondi Blue iMac, it's hardly been used and even the flyback transformer seems fine.




Performa 6400, boxed with all cables/manuals, this will replace my rather beaten up one.




Apple Multiscan 15" display boxed with cables












Stylewriter 2500




Wacom Tablet




And it didn't cost me anything either.

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The 6400 is stock, but that will change when I move over the Rage 128, ethernet card and RAM from my knackered one. The Apple Magic Collection has an Alddin Activity Center, The Lion King animated story book and Toy Story the Movie demo. I've never seen it before, but apparently there are 3 different collections that shipped with Performas.

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