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Battle Chess Tournament, Anyone?

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Just thought I'd put this out here far ahead of time...


Battle Chess can be played via a dial-up modem. I'd love to get a Battle Chess tournament going, and I figured RetroChallenge would be a good time to do it.


You will need a copy of Battle Chess to play. I'm not sure if the color CD version and monochrome disk version can play each other, but the CD came with the monochrome version alongside the color version. Until someone can verify if the color and monochrome versions can dial each other for a game, I'm tentatively proposing only the use of the monochrome version. Battle Chess is commercial software, must be purchased, and is usually pretty easy to track down on eBay.


There are also versions for other platforms. Again, we'd need to do some pre-tournament testing to see if the DOS and Amiga versions could dial to play the Mac version.


I have run chess tournaments in the past and am proposing the following rules:


1. In each round, three games will be played. Best of three advances (you'll need two wins).

2. Due to the varying levels of skill which undoubtably exist in this community, we will not use clocks.

3. Record your moves. Battle Chess doesn't do this. Submit them, along with results, to me at the conclusion of the round. Use algebraic notation.

4. At the end of the game, record your score. Count YOUR remaining pieces, not the ones you captured. Use pawn = 1, knight or bishop = 3, rook = 5, queen = 9. (There is no point value for a king).

5. Scores will be used as a tiebreaker in the event of a 1-1 tie plus a stalemate after three games. The player with the higher cumulative score will advance.

6. Since we have no prior record of anyone in terms of chess competition, seeding will be done at random.

7. Everyone must have their own legally purchased copy of Battle Chess (monochrome) as well as a Mac with a dial-up modem to participate. (As mentioned earlier, there is the possibility of other platforms/versions being used).

8. When entering, please let me know what hardware you're using. There will definitely be recognition for the most unique setup.


Not sure what we'll do for the winner yet. If there's some serious interest in this, I'll contact the coordinators of RetroChallenge and see if we'll do a prize through RC or if I'll give out some sort of trinket myself.


Since all of us have different schedules, each round will be scheduled at members' convenience. It will be up to paired members to work out times. It's OK if you want to play your three games on different days, but I'll likely have a deadline to complete a round so I can set up the next round. The time to complete a round will depend on how many rounds we are going, which will be determined by how many players sign up.


Between now and July, there are a few things we can do. First, if you want to participate in this, let me know. Second, get yourself Battle Chess if you don't already have it. Third, if you want to help me test the other versions for compatibility, let me know and we can set up a match sometime. Finally, you can use the next few months to improve your chess skills.


A side note: Battle Chess monochrome runs best on 020 and 030 Macs. It tends to have problems with some newer 040s and is a tad slow on 68000s. It won't run on a PPC, but the color version will.


If anyone has any questions please let me know. I want to see if there's any interest in this tournament and if we get at least 8 players, I'll proceed with it. Games will begin in July; we can start scheduling for it in late June. June 10 is the deadline for registration.

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Em.. I do not mean to poo-poo this too much.. but chess over dialup sounds like a good way to rack up a $500 long distance bill.


Now, on the other hand, if there was a way that a VPN could be used. That would be quite ideal even though it is taking away from the full experience of unreliable connections and long distance bills. :p

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I'm not sure what everyone has in terms of long distance coverage. To my knowledge, the only way to connect two computers for Battle Chess, aside from LocalTalk (using the color version), is by dial-up modem. However, I can look into alternatives--give me a few days and I can see what I can come up with.


Of course, if you have free nights or weekends, the games could always be scheduled then.

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I decided to do a bit of searching and found a treasure trove of AppleTalk networking solutions! :D






The FTP links still work. (if you get rid of the wayback machine stuff) :D

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I have to say that im shocked that nobody even in this day and age has worked out some sort of 54kbps ADSL to Ethernet solution for going on the internet/networking on such things like Dreamcast's since the broadband adapter is an outright joke of a price... It would be really handy for old games like this too.

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Could be possible to play modem dialup over the internet, but would need some additional (moderish) equipment.


Hardware solutions along the lines of the Lantronix or MOXA ethernet modems (basically hayes modem emulator, serial to ethernet converter) could be used, but I suppose both parties would need the same brand converter to make it all work. Alternatively, perhaps TCPSER has this functionality, then just a reasonably common old windows box could be used as the go between on both ends.

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CJ--we'll have to test to see if the Amiga and Mac versions can play each other sometime.


Also, for anyone who wants to compete, I'm officially moving up the registration deadline to JUNE 20. Basically, I just have to get a bracket going for the tourney. I'll randomize the brackets completely for this event, especially since I don't know where everyone is at in terms of experience and ability. (I've done ranking in the past for tournaments with my college chess club, but if this goes over well and we do it again sometime, we could see about using it in the future).

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