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Powerbook G4 VGA not powering up

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if you need parts, I happen to have a TiBook VGA bottom that I can let go for $50 w/ shipping in the USA. All it's missing is the screen and HDD, but if you want, I can ship it out to you.


I got it along with a TiBook 1Ghz that needs a screen.


The board in the VGA is fine, it's just the hinges broke a while ago on it, and the screen doesn't work.

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Well then, that's not good. With any luck, it may just be a bad PMU; they were replaceable on those models, unlike the DVIs and later.

Or it could be a random logic board failure. I had a 500MHz model that was working fine, then it started to lock up hard before refusing to boot. The only working solution was replacing the logic board.

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One other point... Does the PB G4 need a PRAM battery to run? I found a replacement at OWC, but I want to be sure that it needs a good PRAM battery in order to start


No. I recently acquired a Titanium PowerBook G4/400 that wouldn't boot, and the problem was a dead PRAM battery. I disconnected it, closed the PowerBook, pressed the power button and it booted just fine. So now it's running with the PRAM battery disconnected and there are no issues, apart from the fact that when left without power (no AC adapter, no battery), it doesn't keep the right date/time -- but since I keep it always connected to the Internet, it doesn't matter.


By the way, the other day out of curiosity I opened the other TiBook I have (a 500 MHz model) and I found out that the previous owner had removed the PRAM battery entirely. Hah.




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