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Drivers for LapisColor LC2421 LCPDS graphics card

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A convo in IRC has reminded me this card exists (and that I have one) - it was built by Focus Enhancements in 1994, and is a 3MB graphics card for LCPDS and LC-Compatible PDS slot Macs. Gives 1152x870 resolution with bucketloads of colours, 


I've never been able to find a driver that works with it. There are a few bundles of various Focus drivers floating about - but I've stepped through each of them numerous times in the past to find no difference with them installed (and from memory, many boot up with an X through the driver icon - likely because it's for a card that's not this one.


Were there driverless cards that were accelerated with standard system software/ROMs? If there are, might this be one of them? If not do you have a driver disk floating around for it?


The card *works* but (and I haven't tried it for years, but was just reminded in IRC) it's quite quite slow in some operations.


Advice, disk images, and sympathy all accepted gratefully :)




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I have a XCeed Color Fusion and that one needs drivers to enable Quickdraw acceleration. Without acceleration I still get a fantazillion of colours up to 1152*870 but everything is really slow.

I do not think the Lapis card would be any different.

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