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PB g4 12 "

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One year or so ago, i collected a Powerbook G4 12".


Was free, but casing in bad shape and while working fine, the screen was broken...


This Week i found  another for cheap 20€ and brought it home.


not activity was found when the PSU was connected, so started taking it apart (the PSU connector was loose and burnt)


Anyway, i removed the screen from the "new", and swapped with the broken one.





Still have some work in the lower casing, but so far have a working unit.

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It's always nice when that happens.


I tried to get one when it was toward the end of its heyday (2007-ish through 2009), when I had the opportunity to get one with a broken screen for $80. I didn't know 1/10 of what I know now about fixing those things, but I learned that machine (an 867 MHz model) inside and out while trying (in vain) to repair it.


I never could get it working quite right (I was *so* close to having the perfect setup with a nice new display lid and 1.125 GB of RAM, but it all blew up for reasons I never understood when I tried upgrading the hard drive), so I finally gave up. Not long after, I got a nice 1.33 GHz one, rebuilt it, and now I have it sitting in reserve if I ever decide to play with it.


Long story short, when they work, they're fun. But when they're broken, they're a pain, at least in my experience.



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Mine did survive to a full rebuilt.


I remove all the guts from the bottom casing and swapped my logic board and hard drive to the better one, then put all back together.


was a nerve wrecking experience, but didn't lose any screw in the process... only a full afternoon.






All in all, the Powerbook looks better, not perfect.



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