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I recapped my SE/30, and the repair failed to fix it. Prior to recap, the Mac had horizontal bars from top to bottom and no chime.


The attached photo shows the screen after recap was completed, and still no chime. I checked to make sure RAM was installed properly. Also, if I remove the RAM, the horizontal bar pattern returns. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I apologize if the pic is oriented incorrectly. The uploader does this automatically and I'm not sure how to rotate the photo.


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It's like a crazy version of "shuffle puck".... lol!!!! But bibilit is right... we need a pic of the board.. a good pic... and also it should be washed... I've said this numerous times.. in the bathtub with a toothbrush to get in and under the chips with 90% rubbing alcohol... and rinse it down with it too to wash away the scrubbed up residue...  then shake it a little.. and put it in front of a small heater with fan for a little bit to dry it up... or hair dryer... alcohol dries quickly...

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This is my 3rd attempt to post here. Damn it, every time I do this damn PC Crashes! GRRRR!!!!!!

Check the RAM... make sure you have it installed in pairs I believe... and also make sure you have the ROM installed and seated properly...


Pairs? No. Quads - 2 banks of 4; the SE\30 is a 32Bit machine, requiring 4 - 8 bit 32 pin SIMMs.



Yes, I did wash the board... In a large tub...With Simple Green... And a toothbrush. I will post pic of board tonight, but I fear I'll be attempting to repair broken traces.


Anytime an SE\30 turns on with Bars, its broken traces. You may need to remove the caps and check the traces and vias that goes under them. Also, did you clean the cap goo that is under the caps after removing the caps; preferably with a Q-Tip Swab and acetone? No matter how clean you get the board, there is still crap under the caps!


Check out the posts made by genie_mac and Cloaked Alien on their SE\30 repairs; Cloaked Alien has a few You Tube Videos of him fixing a "more than dead!" SE\30 board. It is hilarious as it is educational!


I see you are using the black Tantalum Caps. For me they make the board look a lot better. The Yellow Ones, to me, cheapens the look of the board for some reason.

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Here are a few pics of the logic board with close-ups of what I think are trouble areas. Let me know if additional photos are needed. And, if you decide to criticize my cap job, please do so constructively. :)





*Raises finger* Uhmmm.... those RAM SIMMs with 2 or 4 chips on them are Iffy on the Mac II series. They may or may not work, depending on the machine. It may even work on one SE\30 but not on another. It is strange. Better to get the RAM SIMMs with 8 chips on them. Speed is another issues, though I can not see it from here, using 100ns to 70ns RAM SIMMs are best for the Mac II Series. 120ns is too slow and 60ns is too fast and both may not work on the Mac II Series.


Sometimes those 2 or 4 chip RAM SIMMs work when you have a set of 8 chip in Bank A and the others in Bank B.


But I still say you need to chase down broken traces and vias first.

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I don't have any other 30-pin SIMMs to test. This was the RAM that was installed when I received the Mac. I don't wanna go dropping money for RAM unless I know it's the cause of the issue. I'll upload a photo of the back of the board sometime tomorrow. Thanks to all of you for your responses.

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Well, I now have this board. 


This thing is going to be a tough dog, I got a feeling. Did some continuity checks on the address and databus to the ROM, and its good. 


It walks the bus properly without the ROM, but without the data side of the bus toggling, no way to know whats going on there. 


So with the ROM inserted back in, this thing has a serious case of bus contention on a few of the lines. 


So there is an IC that has suffered a catastrophic failure somewhere, but god only knows what IC and where... The saga continues. 




Bus contention is when a Driver is trying to drive the bus high (5V) while another chip is trying to drive it low at the same exact time (0v), So you get something somewhere in the middle. 2.5V roughly. 


But the weird thing is, From what I see in the scope shot, is the bus is stable at certain points, and goes into contention only so often. That leads me to believe that another IC is activating at the wrong time, almost as if its being called on when in reality, its not. 


If one of the data pins was stuck low, or stuck high, it would go into contention on every rise or every fall. But it isnt. This is a strange one indeed. IC #1 is calling the bus to go low, while another IC is activated and still trying to drive it high, or vice versa. 


It almost makes me think that there is a failure in the addressing/chip select bus. A chip is being called upon when another chip is still active. Also the CoPro is getting quite warm, and I dont recall those are supposed to get warm idle. 

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With some probing, D30, and D31 was broken between SCSI/SCC/ASC, and SWIM. This is surprisingly common becuase the bus junction/interconnect sits right below those 3 caps near the power molex plug. 


But, not necessarily a show-stopper as far as booting and video issues. Sure you get no SCSI, Serial, or Sound. but itll still boot. Or, attempt to. 


And there was the fact of bus contention. So I sat back and started thinking, the contention was happening randomly and sequentially. That rules out a hard failure because the contention would be there all the time and wouldnt go away. Even with or without ROM. 


So that rules out a failed IC, So I was leaning more towards chip select/address bus because of the chip is talking, but at the wrong time. 


Sure enough, A0 has a double break between ASC and GLU/CPU, and also to video muxes. A1 is broken between ASC and GLU. A0/A1 is used in the 030 for upper/lower addressing and bus sizing. VERY important! (24/32 bit addressing, and the 16-Bit UDS/LDS for the peripheral ICs.)


This allows the ASC addressing to float around. So it thinks its being addressed when its not. and presto, Contention. Plus, with A0 and A1 being missing on the video muxes, that explains the 24 pixels of jail bars, and 8 pixels of valid video data. 2 address wires can count to 3. :), and if you break down the video image in the posted picture above, you got 8 pixels of good data, and 24 pixels of bad data. Break it down into 8 pixel groups, well the count of 3 gets 24. That explains that. 


What was throwing me off was I had open address lines before on the ASC with boards in the past, and everything was working fine. But the A0/A1 line is very important, and those are both open. First time I encountered that. 


Now, to perform the repairs and hope it doesnt make an ass out of me. lol. 

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Wow techknight, that is some seriously impressive diagnostic work.  Good job on getting the board back to life.


Edited to add, I have an emergency startup disk with the exact same folders:  System and Lido.  Lido is extremely handy to have around.


Yea, I was using my FloppyEmu, and I bought a SCSI2SD awhile back that I never used. So i decided to use it with this board and format the SD card, and make a copy. 


1, to make sure all peripheral ICs are working properly, and 2, it needed to be done. :p


With this machine, the SCSI2SD is impressive. Using 6.0.8 I had on my disk copied to the SD card, booted in just about 1 second. I have NEVER seen an early mac OS boot that fast outside of emulation. LOL. 

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I got the Mac fired up today. Hats off to techknight for the great work! Thankfully, it booted from the original 40 MB hard drive and appears to have 4 MB of memory. I think it has System 7 installed, but no useful apps. My Floppy Emu arrived in the mail yesterday, so I now have a way to load software onto the internal drive. To those of you who have SE/30s, how much RAM and which version of Mac OS do you recommend running? I would appreciate recommendations for games and applications, too.

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I just got my SE/30 powered back on earlier today as well. Very excited to get it set up.


However, in response to your question about memory and OS: my SE FDHD has 4mb of ram, and I find 7.1 to be the best balance of ram usage vs features. 7.5 was taking up a noticeable bit more without any of the extra add ons that I have with my 7.1 install.


My SE/30 is sitting with 8mb right now (8*1mb). I'll be setting it up with 7.5.x. That said, I also have an Ethernet card to go with it. IF I can get that to work as well, then I will be switching the 1mb sticks for 4mb sticks giving me 32mb. Any more and my understanding is it begins to take a long time for the system to do the memory check at boot time. Since there is no Sleep mode, that may be annoying. Really boils down to personal preference.


As for games and apps:

Lido (disk utility. It's companion app, PMount allows you to set which partition to be the boot partition. Handy for a single disk multi partition setup. System Picker may be able to do this as well)

ShufflePuck Cafe (fun game with decent sounds)

Background (extension for B&W macs that lets you set a background image... Uses specific MacPaint format, so a little work required to convert images, but I like it)

SuperClock!(basically gives you 7.5s clock in 7/7.1... Maybe 6 as well?)

Moire cdev or After Dark 2.x (I enjoy these two with my vintage systems. Moire cdev is especially light on memory, supports hot corners, and can add a clock as well. Handy for system 6. Really any screen saver though. This is semi important)


... More to come to this list in a few days.


And for good practice, find a label maker and print out the date you installed the PRAM battery. Stick this label to the back. Changing at 5 year intervals will avoid the vast majority of battery leaks.

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