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Pull the logic board out the back and take some photos for us!









post-6144-0-04726600-1452658841_thumb.jpg The Setup

post-6144-0-50363800-1452658843_thumb.jpg The Faceplate

post-6144-0-34400500-1452658845_thumb.jpg The Aftermath of removing it

post-6144-0-79202300-1452658846_thumb.jpg The It








The Moment You've been waiting for.....



post-6144-0-02618000-1452658853_thumb.jpg THE BOARD!



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Though the last pic is very out of focus, it is a PowerPC board, either a 6200 or 6300 series.the holes around the CPU is where the PowerPC heat sink clips on to. A 68K like the 620 or 630 board would not have those holes.


So this is an upgraded machine. Congrats.


I have a 6213CD, but with HD Problems and I'm going to put in a CF-SSD for it since it is IDE. I just need to find my CDs for it. When I find them I'll let you know and maybe make a copy of them for your machine. I never trust downloading mac files on a PC and burn them to a disk, because something gets lost in translation. But keep working on it. Maybe you can figure it out before I can do what I go to do on this end.

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So what OS you have running on it?


And as stated on the PM, though it should have a 603/75 CPU that would run warm and not hot, you should get a heatsink for it. Most PPC heatsinks from a 6100 to 6500 should work with it.


Inquiring minds want to know.

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I think I have some personal grudges against the 6200 as I owned one.  Slow as molasses.


Out of curiosity, is this before or after the fix Apple did on them? (Or was that only on the 5200?)


I'm casually looking for a 5200/6200 pretty much to experience this specifically.



And this old Performa keeps freezing and crashing instead of telling me the problem.


There's a bunch of things that could be wrong. Macs were never the best at providing technical details about issues. Does it appear to happen when you're running a particular program or after a certain amount of time or are there any other patterns?

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