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A Dead Internal Floppy Drive

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While I'm waiting for parts and money to come in for various motherboard repairs, I decided to fix up a few floppy drives. I took them apart, cleaned them up, applied grease on the sliding parts, and reassembled them. All (six total) but one works fine and boots Norton Emergency Boot Disk on the IIfx. This one drive does not boot. The head goes to track 0 in an attempt to boot, then goes to track 80 and then spits out the disk.


I do not know if this disk drive was dead to begin with, I just gathered them and cleaned them up without testing them first. The heads look OK (no broken springs or crooked heads). No broken solder joints from what I can tell


The NEBD (Norton Emergency Boot Disk) still works fine on other drives, so nothing magnetic has interfered with the disk and killed or altered it from this drive. When booting from the hard drive and putting a disk into the floppy drive, if says that it can't read the disk and asks if you want to format it. Trying to format another disk also fails. It looks like as if this drive has gone "deaf" to reading floppies.


Any ideas on fixing it?

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Not sure about the head amp or its caps (I see 5 tiny SMD/SMT ones in that vicinity) but there are  2 of those dreaded leaky caps by the head stepper motor, and they both leaked! Grrrr... One is a 47µf which is infamous for leaking on logic boards and the other is a 16µf.

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