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Found 14 results

  1. Hi so I got my Macintosh Color Display and Macintosh IIci back out of storage and the IIci works fine, but when I turn the monitor on, it clicks a few times (and the green light flashes) before turning on. Furthermore, the picture is bowed and the left third of the picture is weirdly distorted/overlaid. There's also an off smell from the back of the monitor after a bit of use; it's almost like a metallic or chemical smell. Is there something wrong with the monitor, or does it just need to run for a while? Is it dangerous to use? Please advise.
  2. Hello, I haven't seen any threads about this particular group of Performas needing a recap, but I wanted to know for sure whether or not these models require a recap. Thanks in advance.
  3. Every time I try to boot from my LC 520's internal SCSI hard drive bay, it hangs. My external SCSI drive never fails to fully boot, however. I have also swapped the drives and the same thing happens, so I'm led to believe it's the internal hard drive bay itself. All pins are intact, unbent and clean. I have tested both drives on numerous other systems, both 68k and PowerPC, and they work fine every time. Can this be a logic board issue? I've never heard of the internal bay not working while the external does, especially if they're on the same bus. Could it be a capacitor issue? They are long o
  4. Basically that's it. I got on fixing the hinge of my pretty little PB 540c, that had the display completely detached due to a broken case, and I dare to call it a success. I'd like to share it with you, in case someone finds it interesting. First I tried with epoxy glue, that did the trick for a while, but not much. I also tried bicomponent putty (as google translate says), with no results. I even tried to fix it using cofix, a plastic used to repair scratches in ski and snowboards, that you can melt and shape, but didn't work either. So finally I made some kind of subf
  5. Hello all, The short version: The CC (re-capped) no longer boots. I seek guidance. The long version: I booted my Colour Classic earlier today after about 8 months of non-use and I ran into a series of issues. Let me start by saying that the CC has an LC 550 logic board. Both the logic board and the analogue board (integrated power supply) were fully recapped around two years ago (ceramics, tants, and electrolytics where necessary) with ONE exception. I had the wrong sized 330uf 400v, so had to resit the original (see photo). Nevertheless, the CC operated perfectly well
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I recently pulled out my PB 540 and decided to try fixing some problems. These are the problems its having: -Screen is cut off on lower part unless putting pressure on it. -LCD Cable has been cut a little -Audio doesn't work -Not sure if this is an issue but the screen begins to fade from all edges to black after a while. I uploaded a picture of the LCD needing pressure to actually work, and the hinge cable being cut. I figured since this is the only cable going to the LCD that maybe the connections to the audio had been cut on the ribbon c
  7. Would it be possible to make a PDS slot card to hold a R-Pi or other SBC to act as an ethernet adaptor and video out. Power requirements would be low. Just a thought. Any takers? This is my first post. Hello World! and fellow 68k-ers.
  8. Have an SE/30 that I had added an Diimo 030 accelerator board and an Asante MacCon ethernet card added in series into the PDS slot. I had lost sound, so I sent the logic & analog boards off to uniserver to have them recapped. I DID NOT send the power supply for recapping. Once I got the logic/analog cards back, I put the machine back together, and re-installed the add-on cards. With both add on cards back in the machine, the accelerator card seemed to work, but the ethernet card did not, not even getting a link light on the daughtercard (next to the RJ45). I pulled them both out,
  9. By posting this inflammatory thread I know the flames will rage high! So let it burn! Ha! Lets throw hats and chew the fat, discuss about experiences and techno-babble, and explain why it is to you. I surmise that the SE\30 will rank high, though it is not without its problems: Recapping and Cap Goo Trace Rot being the worst of them. But the SE does not have these problems though they have most of the same components. Then you have the Classic and Classic II. Though the Classic will rank well along with the SE as a 68K machine, the Classic II is another issue altogether. Then there
  10. Hello, A few months ago I purchased a Powerbook 100 complete with manuals, case, and floppies for $25 at a local flea market. It has many problems though, one of which being the speaker (at least I hope it's the speaker and not something else). Every time I turn on the PB, I hear a static-y sound before the start up chime plays and while using the laptop, I will hear crackling static every so often. This happens with both the included power brick (which has a cracked tip) and a Toshiba laptop power supply which has similar specs to one of Apple's replacement power bricks. The hard driv
  11. Hi new here,This is a 520c i had on line at Xmass time 2015,am a collector,an have many Vintage Macs. cheers
  12. Hello all I've recently acquired a Daynaport E/si30 PDS Ethernet card for my SE/30, but I have no drivers for the Ethernet card, I've spent days searching the internet, but any promising links all seem to have died long ago, I've tried the mac museum but the DaynaPort-installer-7.x.x link is also dead. Is there anyone who could email me the needed files or possibly point me to an active link to download the driver software any help is greatly appreciated Many thanks, Josh.
  13. Zanmato.sit.zipHi I just 'finished' my first 68k Macintosh program ever in assembly language, using Lightsoft LIDE 3(Fantasm 5) on my Macintosh IICI. It is no big deal, but as a 17 years-old mac user, I still am a bit proud. It is a simple dialog box that pops in front, tells stuff and asks for your name. After clicking the "GO" button, it closes and pops another dialog box that tells "Greetings,«Your name»!" with a "Thank you" button. It seems to work fine on my Mac IICI. It also works well on my powermac 7100 when booted up on a system prior to 8.6. But, on my Macintosh SE( and Plus
  14. Since I'm getting a few more of my machines up and running, I notice that I have a mix of Systems per machine. For example I have 1 LC with System 6.07 and another LC on System 7. I would like to be able to boot from one system or another on a given machine with similar software set ups. This means I might have to partition the hard drive into 3 or more partitions, 1 for each system and 1 for applications and personal data files. In the least this would be difficult with smaller hard drives. So, what do I have to watch out for, as in a case of a Mac being able to boot from either Syste
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