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  1. If I put a disk in, it will just linger there. No activity
  2. I'm honestly not even sure if the motherboard is at fault
  3. Hey guys! Have another question for you guys Yet another entry in my Macintosh 512 repair saga. Previously, I fixed the analog board, discovered I had no roms and ordered them. Today, I plugged them into the board, however the issue of the checkerboard is still persisting. When I turn the power on, i get a "PRRRRR" from the speaker in place of the startup "bong" noise, a small bit of activity from the drive and that's all. What is going on here? I can also send more pictures if that is required. Any help is welcome Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, hope your all doing well. Another question. One of my Macintosh 128k's works perfectly fine, other than the fact the internal speaker seems completely dead. I get no sound from it. When I plug in headphones, I do get sound. I remember a while ago it did work, but then I plugged in some speakers (not sure why) and then I never heard from the internal speaker ever again. I never never taken it apart. Any help is welcome. Thanks!
  5. Awesome! Thanks Again!
  6. Thank you so much for the very insightful reply. You explained things great and I learned a lot from it. I will get to ordering the rom chips and report back if I have any issues. Thanks again!
  7. Hey! thanks for the prompt reply! Lots of information here! I appreciate it! Personally, I don't really care for a 100% authentic experience, as I have already opened and worked on the machine. However, I have just 2 questions still. Those 2 being, are Macintosh Plus to 128k (including 512 and 512ke) roms interchangeable with each other? Also, if I were to buy rom chips for my particular mac, which I assume to be a 512k (if I understand you correctly), what should I look for? I'm searching on ebay if your curious. Thanks again!
  8. It has a model of M0001, and a add on board model of DIGICO D-1061
  9. Hey guys, I just have a simple question to ask. I have a Macintosh 128k with what I think to be a 512k upgrade board. It even says 512k on a little sticker on the board. However, it is missing the Roms to it. It just displays a checkerboard. My question to you guys is, what roms should I purchase? 512k roms or 128k roms. Thanks again, any help is welcome.
  10. Hey! Thanks for the reply! I managed to get this thing to show picture by patching a corroded trace on the analog board. However, I now face a new issue. it turns on and gives me a checkerboard pattern. I look at the logic board and find that the Roms are missing. Guess I'm stuck until i find new ones. Thanks again for the reply.
  11. Hey guys, hope your doing well. I wanted to ask another favor of you guys. A while ago, I had asked about my mac 128 with a fine vertical line issue. You guys asked me to reflow the solder, which I have done. However, the problem still persists, and I wanted to ask if you had any ideas. I get no beep. just a fine vertical line. Sorry for not getting back after over 4 years. Thanks again. I really appreciate it. See attached photos:
  12. Thanks so much, like I said, I will try it in the coming days.
  13. Thank you very much for the detailed response. Really appreciate it. I will try this in the coming days and report the results. Thank you again.
  14. Thank you very much for the response, I did reflow the motherboard and put on new solder on, but where do you see the 3 legged part that has no solder? If you could provide to me more detail on where that connection Is, It would be much appreciated. Thanks again for your response.
  15. Here you go: Hitting it on the side did not do anything.... But thank you for the responce!
  16. I tried everything you guys told me to do but nothing worked. I still get this:
  17. Thank you for all the responces, I looked at all of them, and I will try them this afternoon.
  18. Hi all! I have a Macintosh 128k, and when I go to turn it on, I get no startup bong, but I get a fine vertical line in the middle of the screen. Any help is welcome
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