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  1. A fresh (well, uh, to me, at least) analog board in it's entirety.
  2. Ah, well. I'll drop the $35 now and save myself time and effort later. I'll hawk one of my spare G3 laptops to make it back. Thanks anyways, everybody!
  3. Hmm, yeah, there's no noise like I'd usually hear from a CRT, just a low hum that might not actually be coming from the CRT, upon further investigation. So while there's power to everything else, the HV part on the analog board is screwed?
  4. Hmph. It's times like these I actually knew how to solder.
  5. Could the flyback have gone bad?
  6. There is a very low and soft hum coming from the CRT area when I power it on and shove my finger in the fan to stop it, yes.
  7. Well, I'm not entirely sure what I'm listening for. I hear these things: - The fan (constantly) - The hard drive, if I have it connected (constantly) - -beep- - Later on, there's a slight click that sounds like it comes from the speaker. Usually happens around when the "Welcome to Macintosh" goes away and the Mac OS splash itself loads. (Of course, that was when I could see the damn thing.) That's the lot of it. What should I be listening for?
  8. The small board at the end of the CRT I removed and reseated multiple times, still no dice. I'm not sure what you mean by the "video connector". I reseated both the yoke board cable and the CRT power cable (I assume? The beefy cable coming off the CRT).
  9. Tried it in both extreme positions and somewhere I assumed was the middle. No dice.
  10. Hi! You might remember me from the last post I made, where: 1. I accidentally called a resistor a capacitor 2. I thought that a resistor looked exploded, when in fact it was totally normal Now that I've stopped being a total moron, I'm still having issues. After a few days of emotional distress from it immediately exploding, I've taken to trying to fix it again. I totally disassembled the machine AND the power supply. A thorough visual inspection, the analog board as well as the logic board are totally intact visually. Same with the power supply. However, upon starting it b
  11. Hello all. I'm new to this forum so apologies if I'm out of step in any manner. Today, I received a Macintosh SE in the mail. Simple as that, I ordered it off eBay on the 25th. It had a 4MB RAM upgrade, although a sticky (but manageable!) hard drive. This was my first toaster-style Macintosh. A few hours into using it, I turn the power switch on, and the video on the monitor comes up strange (distorted and out of focus). During a hasty Googling session, I can smell very clearly that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. The distinctive smell of vintage electronics burning. Turns
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