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  1. OK! Thanks very much, guys. A flat blade screwdriver is what I used, based on your advice, and the box came apart pretty easily, with little damage. Now to salvage the battery terminals and get some spade lugs to tie up to my new battery. I'll post back with my progress. smp
  2. Now that I have my Mac Portable back up and running, and I've satiated myself with playing all the old System 6 and early System 7 games that I have on it, I am thinking about the battery situation again. I purchased a WP4.5-6 Sealed AGM 6v 4.5ah Battery and I currently have it attached with a couple of alligator clip jumpers. I am thinking about opening up my old dead Mac Portable battery and wiring the new battery into it. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to offer before I start hacking? What's the best way to get the old battery case open? Should I simply use a band saw and cu
  3. WHOOO HOOOO !!! My Mac Portable is back and it’s working! Thank you *very* much to Chuck Phillips at MacCaps.com for the re-cap and fix-it service! After a couple of power-on attempts with sad Macs, I was able to power up with just the main board (not enough memory for System 7.1), then with my 1 Meg RAM board (perfect), and finally with my new 8 Meg RAM board (shows 9,216K). Those LEDs are a bit bright, aren’t they? I have my new non-Macintosh battery attached in by jumper wires and a fresh 9V backup battery, and all is good. My 40 MB Conner hard disk is still working, and my flopp
  4. Yews, I've done that, and (of course) the PB looks normal from the outside. Thanks, smp
  5. Thanks very much for the affirmation! smp
  6. Hi all, I'm new here, and here is my first question: I have a PowerBook 170 that I cherish. The battery gave up its ghost long ago. I have a second PB 170 that I acquired along the way, only to find the battery had leaked and damaged the main board. So, I have removed the battery from my good PB 170, and I find that I can power up just fine using the AC adapter only, without the battery installed. I've used it this way several times, never for more than a half hour or an hour. My question (finally) is, will I do any damage to the PB 170 using it with the AC adapter and no batte
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