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  1. I have an SE/30 with a IIsi ROM, I can give it a try this weekend
  2. @BadGoldEagle I’d say give Mode32 a try with 7.1, 7.5.3, or 7.5.5. I believe 7.5.1 is a bit of a middle version that probably has some bugs in it. i ended up going the path of using the ROM from another Mac, a IIsi I believe (pretty sure a IIfx rom will work as well). Does result in a weird graphical glitch for the first 5 seconds or so on cold boot, but then clears itself and begins normal startup with all 20MB recognized. Also requires some system file modifications for going to versions above 7.1. At least it physically fits correctly I suppose. ... kinda wish I had
  3. 5300 series is cool. I owned a 5300cs a long time ago and it always got the job done. Looks like you already have a game started have fun loading it up. Makes a great 7.6.1 machine, and decent on 8.1 IIRC
  4. On my PowerBook 3400c (somewhat comparable of performance to stock TAM) with 144MB RAM, I run 9.1 and it runs fine. With your G3, I’m sure you could run any of the supported OS versions on it with minimal observable differences aside from startup time. As long as you have enough RAM.
  5. Hi @Bolle Do you have a parts list that you used to populate the revised PCB? I think I have most parts, but I want to verify. Also, what did you put at the location “RV?” (Unpopulated in the final picture above) EDITED TO ADD: Even better, if you have a parts list that links to the labels on the PCB that would be massively helpful as well.
  6. @CC_333 I know the 500 and 190/5300 NiMH packs also had their own “intelligence” on board the batteries.
  7. @blusnowkitty I’d be interested in one for the LC1-LC475/Q605 variants when you decide to do another batch of those. Also, will the future Performa 6200 variation likely work with the Performa 6360?
  8. Were you able to resolve the 6100 issues?
  9. Nice Quadra! I agree, team LCD here as well. As great of a picture as CRTs may have, the space required for them is so high. The weight and depth of the display seem to go up really fast on anything greater than 14 inches or so. Dell had some decent quality 4:3 LCD displays from the 2005 to 2012 era, with many offering both VGA and DVI connections. These can usually be found at Goodwill in the $10 range or on eBay for just under $50 shipped, sometimes even less. Thanks to the engineering bathtub curve of failure rates, any that are still working today should be good for
  10. I can add a few comments from stuff that I use on my own computers. Like @Byrd said, the garden is a great resource. It also allows users to leave comments on the download pages, so if something is popular it’s generally well commented on what works, what doesn’t, etc. For Microsoft Office, Office 98 requires PPC, but Word 6.0 ran on 68k. HOWEVER everyone seems to believe that Word 5.x was the all time best 68k era Word version. So maybe a combination of components from the Office 5 and Office 6 suites. There may be a softPC version for 68k to run DOS, but I’m sure the
  11. @blindowl Ah okay, that makes sense. I thought it was a memory addressing problem of 24 vs 32 bit. But yeah, if it’s at the QuickDraw level then that would be pretty hard to work around.
  12. Congratulations! Side question, on some 32-bit 68030 Macs below a certain OS (below 7.6 maybe?) can't you set the Mac to 24-bit addressing from the memory control panel? Not sure if that workaround would work for your games, but if it did it could open up support to the CC, LC 520/550, some PBs, etc.
  13. @CC_333 Very cool, I wasn’t aware of that workaround to get 10.4 running on that machine.
  14. Very cool! How many of those smaller Li packs will it take to get equivalent run time to originAl batteries?
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