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  1. That’s awesome, glad it all worked out. Mine currently has 9.1. With adequate RAM, the 3400 series definitely makes for a decent OS 9 machine for most tasks, main limiter being low graphics performance for things such as 3D gaming. Otherwise a solid machine
  2. Do a minimal install on your CF card, and make sure you have the cd rom extension. Then you can boot from that, single click the hard drive icon on the desktop, special -> erase as Mac OS Extended and then install again from the CD.
  3. @PacNPal that one looks identical to mine. So long as you use a true original SD card with it, should work great.
  4. @Rick Dangerous I bought my SD to PCMCIA adapter way back in like 2003 from BestBuy when I needed to get photos from a 1.3 megapixel HP camera to a PowerBook 5300cs I owned a long time ago. So I don’t have a link for it. That said, I’m looking at it right now and can describe it. It’s branded as “Dazzle” and is a 4 in 1 adapter for SD, MMC, SmartMedia and Sony Memory Sticks. I’ve never used the other 3 card types with it, but for SD cards it’s very important to make sure they are truly SD and not SDHC or SDXC cards. IIRC, anything below 2GB will almost alway
  5. I’m pretty sure my old 240mhz version I had 15 years ago and my 200mhz version I have now both kick out my SD card to PCMCIA adapter at power-on. If I recall correctly, it will not kick out cards like my Orinoco WiFi card. But it’s been nearly 5 years since I used that WiFi card so I may be misremembering. Point being, mine also ejects PCMCIA storage cards at immediate power on. I can do a halfway remove then re insert the card quickly to boot off it if necessary.
  6. Looking at eBay sold listings, all went for $70 to $300. That particular link was buy it now or best offer. If on the off chance they do start regularly going for $500 in the near future I’ll definitely put mine up for sale
  7. Definitely not worth $500... at least not now. Unless it’s brand new in box, never opened.
  8. Nice 3400s! I’d say skip the PRAM battery all together on this model. No need to have one in there, they only present risks of leaking. You can always throw an alias of the Time and Date control panel (or SetDate control panel if you are using that for 2021 dates) into the StartUp Items folder in the System folder if you want correct dates for high scores on your games, file modifications, etc. assuming you aren’t leaving them plugged in 24/7. Don’t forget the PowerBook 500 series
  9. https://www.gryphel.com/c/minivmac/extras/blanks/ Here is the link from the FloppyEMU User guide. Looks like the zip download on this page has a bunch of “blank” images with some being MFS, as well as some notes on using dd from terminal to make more.
  10. @Crutch have you checked into the documentation for the FloppyEMU? I think it has some guides for how to create blank images, and I want to say it has instructions on an MFS image as well (but it’s been a couple years since I looked at the PDF, don’t quote me).
  11. Looks like I may have to double check what’s used on my boards. Also, didn’t know about those soldering guidelines (temp and time limits).
  12. I’m sure you already did, but did you check that both the brightness knob on the front bottom edge as well as the cutoff adjustment on the analog board are set at decent levels?
  13. I have an SE/30 with a IIsi ROM, I can give it a try this weekend
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