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  1. This may be irrelevant, but I have a clear recollection that on later systems (certainly 9 but probably later iterations of 8 too) installing Claris Organizer messes with NCU because of an Extension that it adds to the System Folder. This Extension needs removed and then everything works fine. What I can’t remember is whether the problem involves the serial ports....
  2. There are some good closeup images to compare your mechanism with in a video by one of our members, about 18 minutes in:
  3. Just thought I’d ask..... Even 10 years ago, CC were known for refusing to start up after long periods in storage. It was said by some of the cognoscenti at the time that the best thing was to leave them plugged in overnight and then try again. Chances are that it needs a recap, true, but I have a CC (Mystic, i.e., LC575 logic board transplanted) here that is still going strong without the analog board having been touched, so they don’t all go bad. Leaving it to soak up electrons for a day or so might just be worth a try.
  4. The power switch is also on at the rear?
  5. A/UX does fine with Asante network cards for the SE/30, so I can’t imagine that it will refuse to cooperate with you on the IIsi. I’m interested to hear how well it runs once installed.
  6. It could be a hardware problem, of course, but on a software level, Newtons can exhibit this behaviour. I had a MP2000 years ago that refused to start after its batteries were exhausted, with the remedy being a soft reset. It was fine afterwards. I suppose the problem is a bit like corrupt pram. There are supposed to be two kinds of reset, I’d so try the least thoroughgoing first. A hard reset will wipe the system and reset the machine to factory defaults. Can’t recall how you do it with an eMate, but the manual will have the details.
  7. Those 4400 benchmarks are very interesting. The 603ev was a great processor — precursor to the G3, was it not?
  8. Brilliant. Well it looks brilliant to me, at any rate, because I wouldn’t know what I was dong poking around in there. Would that routine be visible only in the source code, do you suppose, or could something be used to sniff it out in a NewtOS pkg file?
  9. Now that is interesting. Can the machine identity be set by a jumper or soldering in making the swap?
  10. It seems to be the source code, which is something of a problem. On the plus side, the Newtontalk folk are looking into it: http://lists.newtontalk.net/pipermail/newtontalk/2021-March/000259.html ; some of them are capable Newton programmers, so hopefully we will get a package or two in due course.
  11. Try the NewtonTalk list, where parts are regularly advertised and where you would get fuller attention than on here. The Newton discussions on 68kmla are not especially active. I can't really help, btw -- my Newtons are all NewtOS2.1 and the 100 is a very different animal. https://www.newtontalk.net/
  12. I rather like Battlefield 1942, largely because of the historical ambiance and because you can't beat the price these days. In terms of the game per se, it's not so much the FP shooter thing that interests me as the worlds created. Beyond that I have not through 35 years of Mac use been a huge gamer, so I can't tell you very much, but I am shortly going to have more time on my hands than I have had for many years, so I wanted to get things set up for some exploration of the genres available. And get the NVidia card out of the machine and max it out, as they say. I'll probably move
  13. I think it's the IIsi and IIfx rom simms that work in the SE/30.... Never heard of a IIci module being used. I am having the same problems with an SE/30, btw. In my case I am pretty sure that it is the ROM slot that is defective, though, of course, what that has done to the SIMM is anyone's guess.
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