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  1. I'm trying to put Leopard on my G4 cube with the intent of using it as a headless iTunes player but using the open firmware hack or Leopard Assist I just get a kernel panic on boot. Is there a firmware issue with the Cube where it has to be running the last version and if so which firmware do I need?
  2. Then You don't actually need to kill spotlight, once it's indexed the first time there shouldn't be a speed penalty. Shadowkiller will give you better performance, Tiger uses far more horsepower then older versions of OS X for the GUI and the Rage 128 isn't up to the task so you're burning CPU cycles for pretty shadows.
  3. Bargin price mate, just watch out for the dreaded X1600 GPU failure, although the machine may very well have already been repaired, most of them have.
  4. Rodus


    Shadowkiller does make Tiger feel far more snappy on old GPU's. I've ordered a new battery and 512MB stick so soon it'll be good to go.
  5. Rodus


    ^^I suppose it would be rather more useable then Panther, I've probably got another 256 meg RAM chip somewhere to go up to 512 and as long as I use Shadowkiller the performance shouldn't be too painful.
  6. Rodus


    Thanks, eventually found them. I've dug through my parts box and bumped the RAM up to 320MB and put in a 40 gig HD, dual booting Panther and 9.2.2. Was tempted to go for Tiger but when I remembered the grinding performance on my iMac DV I decided against it, the GPU is the one weak point of this machine for modern use.
  7. Rodus


    I'm keeping it as a classic machine, got the iBook G3 for Mobile Tiger. I pulled one of the 64MB chips and stuck in a 128, 196 MB should be fine for 9.1. My battery is the same as yours olePigeon, about 3 mins of charge, it may actually be possible to open the battery and put in some new cells, I need to look into this. I got extra lucky in that there was an Airport card already installed too I've also got an IDE to CF adapter en route at the moment, I was going to stick it in my Beige G3 but I'm thinking it would be great in the Pismo, 8GB CF vs ancient 6GB IBM drive. BTW, does anyo
  8. Rodus


    Another recycling job, mint condition, 400Mhz/128MB but wouldn't boot. Took it home, disabled the very dead PRAM battery and now it's purring away happily on 9.1. I always wanted a Pismo but wasn't prepared to pay the insane eBay prices so very chuffed with this find.
  9. Customer wanted it disposing of so I wiped the HD and aquired it to replace my mums dual 450 Sawtooth. It's the very last of the eMacs, the 1.42 Ghz which I believe had none of the capacitor issues of the earlier models, came with only 256 megs of RAM and Tiger so I slapped in a gig of DDR 2700 and it runs Leopard like a charm. I'd forgotten how fast the high end G4's still are for light use.
  10. I have one ECC stick that works fine in my G3 400 iMac and my Sawtooth.
  11. Will it work, I'm dumping one of the 6400's and would like to beef up the 5200, looks as if it should fit but I don't want to fry it.
  12. Rodus

    Lots of goodies

    The 6400 is stock, but that will change when I move over the Rage 128, ethernet card and RAM from my knackered one. The Apple Magic Collection has an Alddin Activity Center, The Lion King animated story book and Toy Story the Movie demo. I've never seen it before, but apparently there are 3 different collections that shipped with Performas.
  13. Took a trip to a customer today who's getting rid of some old Mac stuff. I love people who keep the boxes Rev A Bondi Blue iMac, it's hardly been used and even the flyback transformer seems fine. Performa 6400, boxed with all cables/manuals, this will replace my rather beaten up one. Apple Multiscan 15" display boxed with cables Scanner Software Stylewriter 2500 Wacom Tablet And it didn't cost me anything either.
  14. Rodus

    Beige G3 DT

    Just gotten my first Beige G3 from a customer who's moving house. It started out as stock when I got it. G3 266 Mhz - 512 L2 32 MB RAM 4 GB HDD (dead) Rage II 2 MB Stock CD ROM I dug through my parts boxes and it's now suitably pimped. G3 400 Mhz - 1 MB L2 288 MB RAM 20 GB HDD Rage II 6 MB (finally, a use for the 4 meg stick from my dead Rev B iMac) Radeon 7200 32 MB 52x Sony CD-RW, machine boots from it fine and software installs scream now. It took me a while to get the Radeon card working but now Quake II, Deus Ex and Rune are all running great (plus a load of less de
  15. OK, so I installed OS 9 onto the G3 HD via my Sawtooth and now I'm getting to a blue desktop with shortcuts to sherlock, Quicktime Player etc but no top menu bar, and then it just locks up again and beeps whenever I try to open a shortcut. I've also tried running the HD on the Optical drive IDE cable just incase but still the same thing. FIXED IT. Seems it dosn't like either my Rage 128 PR) or my Radeon Card.
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