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  1. i tried to put the expansion card from a classic into classic 2 and it didnt boot, i though i fried it. but took it out and is still ok. so im assuming you cant do that just in case someone was wondering
  2. changing the icons? just through COMMAND - i . copy paste the icon although i dont know if that works on any othe os apart from system 7.1 the second photo is just the camera focusing on he dark so everuthing else was super bright.
  3. the led strip has a molex plug so just from the hdd. so far no problems that i could see in the operation. won a game of battle chess with no hiccups
  4. I've been spending a lot of time lately on sim city 1.4 as well as other old games. One thing I would love to be able to do in it is email that would be awesome.
  5. i had some spare led strip lying around was going to chuck it out but i thought it wouldnbe cool if the floppy hole was to be lit up by some led. result is below, i knkw it might be stupid but why not:
  6. So i got hold of the instal images and made the floppies but the installation keeps failing during after switching from disk 3 to 4 it writes the control panel files from disk 4 and then asks for disk 1 and after that says failed to install. does the same thing on 7.5 and 7.5.3. any ideas? I've also tried different custom install settings. did you guys have any issues installing?
  7. My Macintosh 512k has a funny floppy drive. As soon as you turn it on the floppy motor (im assuming) keeps spinning so you hear a noise as soon as you turn it on and cannot read any disks. what do you think the problem may be?
  8. Is there any way of installing System 7.5 on the Classic II, i swear ive seen someone on youtube running it (or maybe i dreamt it) i can upgrade to 10mb ram if i need to, it currently has 4mb. Also Where the hell would i get the floppy disks from? Has anyone been successful in doing so?
  9. You're guys hit the nail on the head. The plus is missing the battery and i replaced the battery on the Classic II and its saving the settings now. GREAT! thank you so much.
  10. Hey, You guys may know​ whats wrong. 2 of my macs (Macintosh plus and Macinotsh Classic II) have an issue saving changes to the sound and mouse settings. the mac plus is running System 6 and Class II is running System 7 and both have the same issue. No matter how much I adjust the mouse or the volume shut the computer down and upon the next boot up its defaults back to the original setting. whats the deal? My macintosh SE with system 6 has no such issue. ive tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas.... well I ve reainstalled the os and still same thing.
  11. so it should wotk with all the ics removed with just the card? i removed all the ram chips from the logic board and pluged the external card in and its a sad mac with a different error obviously saying the ram is missing? can i use any chips to replace the inboard ones? the knboard ones are mitsubishi? can take the ram fronthe external chips and solder them in to the logic board?
  12. what about the second line of error code? I've tried baking the logic board in the oven as well, same error. seems to have done a good job on reflowing it but same error.
  13. I've recaped it today same error code. If anyone can decode the error it would be highly appreciated.
  14. Sorry just assumed these error codes have the same meaning. Macintosh Classic. boots up with no chime. and shows this code straight away. I can disconnect the HDD and its the same thing.
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