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  1. Thanks all. I've been working non-stop since Saturday as a HAM radio guy with ARES due to Irma. Spent all day yesterday in our local Georgia County EOC passing traffic to NWS. We were very fortunate as Irma passed us by to the west and we had minimal damage and no fatalities. I'll have to put this project on hold for a bit (again (: ) as I catch up on the storm & other pressing projects.
  2. Thanks all! I *think* my VRAM is 70 NS so it should work. I have a 128MB RAM stick in it but I do not remember the speed. I will take it to 33 MHZ first,. I'm considering using a water cooling system. BadGoldEagle, thanks for the link. I've seen it in the past and will study it further. I was wondering if I could ove-clock it to 50 MHz? Heat will be an issue. BadGoldEagle
  3. My Quadra 605 is running at the factory speed of 25 MHz. I did put in a 33MHz 68040 but have never bumped up the speed. I recently bought a 68040 40MHz cpu and I'm getting ready to bump up the speed. IIRC the 605 doesn't handle 40MHz very well. What's the fastest I can run it in a Q605 and have the system remain stable? Thanks!
  4. Check the CMOS/PRAM battery. weak/bad batteries can cause boot issues.
  5. 1680 x 1050 was developed by Apple - Cinema Display 20" for video editing. Slowly it spilled over into the PC world as an inexpensive wide screen monitor. They are everywhere now.
  6. I have a couple of 1680 x 1050 monitors and I would like to use one with my Quadra 700. Anyway to do this at 1680 x 1050 resolution? If not, is there any Quadra that can do this resolution? Thanks!
  7. I've had a lot of trouble with 100/10 Ethernet hubs & Asante adapters. I used 10 Mb only hubs and all my issues went away.
  8. You can also use a Shiva Netbridge. BAck in the day Shiva was a big player in AppleTalk bridges. I have one factory sealed that will be on the auction site this week.
  9. Did that. On the Mac and on a PC. The drive shows as SCSI 4 and no termination.
  10. I'm trying to get my HP SureStore 5000 (SS5K) running with my Quadra 605. It's in an external SCSI box with 4 other devices. 1. Has anyone ever gotten the SureStore 5000 to work with Sys 7.5.5? I have Retrospec software to drive it. 2. When the SS5K is in the SCSI chain my Yamaha CD-r will not mount a CD. If I remove the SS5K, CD's mount fine. I'm using the generic CD-Sunshine driver for the CD-r. Just the simple presense of the SS5K keeps CDs from mounting. Weird. 3. Are there any known SCSI DDS-1 tape drives that are Mac & Sys 7 friendly? Thanks!
  11. T15 is correct. HP & Compaq got so much flack from techs about the T15 screws that they changed it to a modified Torx screw that can use a T-15 OR a flatblade screwdriver to remove them. My HP DX2200 mini-towers for one have the modified screws. I used to change then to Phillips head screws but now I don't bother. If I can't find my T15 then I grab a flat tip.
  12. Does anyone have the Apple 68 pin VRAM pinout specs for a Qudra 605, 700 etc? How many memory address lines are there? They came in 256K & 521K sizes. Since the largest size VRAM that I've seen is 512K that implies 19 adress lines but I was wondering if the 20th line was there, allowing 1 MB VRAM SIMMS *in theory*. I doubt that the Q605 MOBO would reconize it but was curious about the number of address line. Also, how do you tell if the VRAM SIMM is 100NS or 80ns? Thanks!
  13. I dug my 128K/MacPlus out of stoage yesterday. It's been instorage since Dec 2006. Was in good working order when stored. Good news: Boots, screen is good, battery is fine. Bad news: Internal drive doesn't eject nor does my external 800K floppy drive. I cleaned them per this: http://68kmla.org/wiki/Floppy_drive_lubrication They are snappy and seem to funtion corrcetly. However, none of them will eject a floppy disk. I have to use a paper clip to get the disks out. I don't hear any eject noise. What are my next steps?
  14. I never found a screen saver that would run on a 128K Mac. At least when mine still had 128K in it (1986) I cut the RAM chips off my 128K MOBO and installed sockets & 512K on it as all software seemed to need 512k. I still have it
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