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  1. I have been using my ROM 255 IIc with ProTerm 3.1 and a WiModem232 to connect to BBSes for a while now with no problems. Yesterday I upgraded it to ROM 4x so I could connect a SmartPort hard drive to play Nox Archaist. Now when I disconnect from a BBS, the computer freezes up until I toggle power on the modem to reboot the modem. Same thing when I tried ROM 3 in the IIc. The modem also froze up when I tried sending a command to change the baud rate, but so far all the other commands seem to be working. Anyone have a similar experience or know of a solution? Is there some change in
  2. I used a super cheap micro SD extension for years in my SE/30 from China I got off of ebay, no problems. I only took it out recently after I moved the computer and snapped the end off of the micro SD card. Shoulda backed that card up.
  3. Okay, I dropped the RAM down to 20 MB from 32, and now it works fine, even in 32-bit mode. I guess it is having a problem with addressing memory above a certain point. Could that be a problem with the ROM?
  4. Completely recapped, and I have a scsi2sd in it. This has been a reliable workhorse until now. There was a video card in the slot that came with the computer when I got it years ago. I never used it, just left it in because it was there. So I replaced that with the network card. The chimes now happen whether or not the network card is in, only at a cold boot with 32-bit on. I tried se-seating the RAM and ROM.
  5. So a bit of playing around, and it does this whether or not the Asante card is in, and it only does the weird startup with 32-bit is enabled.
  6. I am having a weird problem with my SE/30 and an Asante ethernet card... I know the ethernet card works, as I it was working in the SE/30 I pulled it from (the SCSI chip failed on that one, and I don't have the skills to replace it). When I put it in my other SE/30, I the normal chord and a happy mac at startup, then it hangs at the happy mac and I get a two-tone "ta-da" chord, followed by the four-tone low-to-high test chord. Then the computer hangs indefinitely, but when I reboot with the programmer's key it it starts fine, no hangs, no weird tones. The Asante card test from the installation
  7. Yeah, there is something off with the power supply. From a cold start is just sort of pulses -- fan, light, everything, until it warms up or something, then it runs. I could re-cap it and see if that fixes it, or I could just pull it out and replace it with a new 12v Molex power supply from China for $7 like this one: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/External-12V-5V-2A-USB-to-IDE-SATA-Power-Supply-Adapter-Hard-Drive-HDD-CD-ROM/173586174276?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Dd0dd25a599dd4d0b958c5219869fde68%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D264215
  8. Screen seems to be working better now that I’ve fiddled with it. It is still always blank on first start, but one push of the reset button fixes that. The button pusher I whittled out of a bit of dowel ended up working much better than the original plastic one. I may end up whittling replacement pusher for all of them...
  9. I set the SCSI ID jumpers. Could it be a termination issue? The Ultradrive has a terminator on the second SCSI port, and I didn’t check the termination settings on the drive. I think the default settings are termination on drive.
  10. Well, I tried swapping out the original Seagate ST-1096N HD with a Seagate ST32151N that I know works, and it didn’t work. The new HD wouldn’t spin up, even the fan on the Ultradrive would just pulse and the power light flickered. I put the old drive back in and it spun up and powered up with no problem. It looks like the old drive will actually mount if the Ultradrive is on its side, but I’m sure it will permanently crap out at any moment. The new drive shouldn’t need more power than the old one, should it? Why won’t it power up with the much newer drive?
  11. Huh. I bent those metal clip things (which helped, but was how I lost that stupid @#$%&# button pusher ... guess I'm whittling one out of wood now), but I've never had it apart to see the gold finger thingies. I'll have to check that out. I wonder if soldering it together instead of relying on pressure contact would help, and if that is even possible.
  12. I have the previous model of the floppyemu. I absolutely love that thing except for the damn screen. It has given me trouble since day one where it goes blank after it has been running for a while or it is blank when it starts up . I have to fiddle with how the screen is seated or reset it a bunch of times before I get anything on the screen. I mentioned the screen problem to BMOW and that was Steve's suggestion for the problem. The screen is a known weakness with these things, and Steve has mentioned on the BMOW website that he is looking into a new screen. This problem has been getting wors
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