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  1. 10.3 doesn't need XPostFacto - it's the last system that's officially supported. I was able to mostly solve the issue - I repartitioned the drive with Drive Setup (and not Disk utility from the OSX install disc) and situated the OSX and OS9 partitions within the first 8GB of the drive. I think I did that before but this time I made the partitions 1 megabyte smaller. This time, the OSX install isn't nuking itself, so far. It still has an issue where it won't remember the startup disk and defaults to booting to the OSX partition every time, but that might be the dead PRAM battery's f
  2. I have here a Powerbook G3 Lombard/Bronze keyboard that I can't for the life of me get to hold an OSX install. I can install 10.3 just fine, but after one or two reboots or cold boots, it refuses to start up - I get the "prohibited" icon screen no matter what. I can't even boot to OS9 on the neighboring partition, I can only boot to CDs. I'm using a 32GB CF card as the hard drive but that shouldn't be the issue. I did take out the top 256MB of RAM in the upper slot since the installer goes bonkers with it in, but the main problem happens whether it's installed or left out. The PRAM
  3. What Is The Apple IIGS? and it's contributors managed to find the driver and put it on one of their compilations. I haven't tested it as I managed to find a better SCSI card, solving the problem. However, anyone else who wants to try and boot from this combination of Rev. C SCSI card and PCMCIA SCSI drive can now give it a shot.
  4. I was trying to see if there was any way around the problems I've been having with removable drives and this bit from the Apple II FAQ came up: Searches for this driver come up empty. Does anyone have a copy of it?
  5. Forgot to mention - my SCSI card is a Rev. C Apple II SCSI Card.
  6. I have an Apple IIGS booting from a CompactFlash card in a PCMCIA-SCSI adaptor (Microtech PCD-25BH). Most of the time, It works OK. Every few minutes or so, however, it ejects the boot disk and all other cards in the adaptor! I have to manually eject and reinsert them to get them to show up again. What causes this, and is there a fix?
  7. Nice to know that someone finally found that goddamn pinout. The way old-world mac monitor port sense lines work can make that sort of thing really difficult to beep out.
  8. Fixed! I went and bought the iisi PDS version of the card, dumped it's ROM, and it turns out they are cross compatible! Pivoting works perfectly now, even under 7.5.5. Here's my dump of the ROM: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8r41g8
  9. Holding down the Shift key doesn't change anything. The Mac in question is a IIci running System 7.5.5. The card DOES work correctly if I connect a regular monitor to it, which is strange. It's as if the Pivot's weird sense codes are confusing it. I really think I need the later ROM at this point, I'm convinced that it's the problem. And if it isn't, well it would be good to have a dump of the later version anyway.
  10. Is there a version of this hack for the LC520 board, which is supposed to be exactly the same except rearranged to fit the all-in-one case?
  11. It looks like you'll need to find someone with a working specimen of that display and the cable it came with, and ask him to beep it out for you. No idea if there's anyone here with the original B&W Pivot, but at least the card you have should be able to drive not only any Pivot display, but a normal monitor as well.
  12. Some time ago I got a Radius Pivot Color NuBus card in the hopes of getting something working with the Pivot monitor I have. The card has the part number 632-0070, and the following is written on the EPROM: ©1991 RADIUS INC PIVOT/COLOR V 2.2 256K U5 295-0014-A Other than what's written on the EPROM, the card looks exactly like the one in this thread. The model of Pivot monitor I have is the PrecisionColor Pivot (#0356). The monitor will show a picture when attached to the card, but it's just a grey background with a Radius logo. It doesn't do anything else; the monitor does not
  13. Someone should make a Mockingbird GS that combines a stereo card with a Mockingboard. I'd buy it.
  14. Possible RAM issues. Also, replace all SMT motherboard capacitors, as cap rot can cause all sorts of weirdness.
  15. Suppose you have an accelerator with a less-than-stellar compatibility rate installed, and you want to play some games that die horribly on an 030. Is there any way of wiring up a switch to the PDS slot that disconnects a pin or two and disables the slot?
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