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  1. unortunately, as i'm in the uk the supplier i used can't ship them to you, not for less than £50 ish in shipping. our postal service won't touch lithium cells at all. i ordered from https://cellpacksolutions.co.uk/products/batteries/panasonic-vl2330-1vce-rechargeable-coin-cell-tagged-battery/ the part you need is VL2330 although in theory, if you were never ever going to use the battery swap part, you could replace it with CR2032 cells, but you would need to add a diode in series to stop charging. if it was only to keep the clock going, you could wire up two cells, or four, won't need
  2. I've taken the main battery apart and taken a picture if anyone wants to see the guts, unfortunatley i can't find 17670 lithium ion cells anywhere, so replacing the cells is impossible. Wallstreet batteries seem to be in the unfortunate situation of being constructed of extinct cells. It seems to have 12 lithium ion 17670 cells, i believe 6 pairs, but as I can't replace them I didnt take it fully apart.
  3. I've taken my wallstreet apart to get the PRAM battery out as the repllacement cells arrived yesterday. I've taken some reasonably high res pictures of the battery, with some notes if anyone else wants to have a go at repairing their battery. I May be able to source the cable and connectors in a small quantity for a reasonable price if anyone has damaged / disposed of their original battery. If there's enough interest, I can also look into building a few of these, but I'm not sure how shipping would go, since they are lithium batteries and my local postal service doesn't like to carry li
  4. I've ordered the cells to make a battery, need to work out what the connector is called, as it seems nobody makes the packs anymore, so it could be handy having a spare. I've sourced a spare main battery, as mine does hold a charge, so I'll take whichever is in worst condition apart, replace cells and test it out, then repeat if I end up with a decent battery
  5. Thanks I'll definitely give making a PRAM battery a shot, it looks relatively straightforward. Looks like it'll cost me about £30 to make one, and an hour of messing about with soldering iron. The 17670 cells in the main battery are an unusual size, I've got access to a near unlimited supply of laptop batteries using the more standard 18650 cells, unfortunately I don't need to rebuild any battteries using those cells
  6. Hi folks Do any of you have any idea where I can source a replacement pram battery for a 300MHz Wallstreet (PDQ) laptop? or know the spec of the battery so I can make a replacement? Also, do any of you have any tips on opening the main battery, for rebuild? Before I start trying to hack it open, I'm hoping someone has been there before! I've decided to revive my oldest still in one piece laptop, my old PC laptop went pop, so had to get binned. This got me through university, so has a lot of memories. The main battery does take a charge, but only barely. the PRAM battery is shot as fa
  7. That's all the capacitors on the logic board replaced, and the damaged trace now has a layer of solder over it after having a little clean up with a fibreglass pencil. board washed down with 99% isopropanol, then deinonised water, left to dry for 24 hours on a radiator, and it booted first time. when i can find the ink cartridge for this printer i'll test the serial ports, but ADB works, and so does SCSI and sound. I'll tackle the analog board soon, and then get the retr0brite out for the case now just need to get hold of a larger drive, and get some disks to reinstall the OS
  8. certainly seems tobe pretty high praise for the drives, i think i'll pick one or two up. I already have plans to expand my collection. though my next planned acquisition is a powerpc and has IDE drives I think I'll go with the tantalum surface mount caps for the logic board, as i feel there are only so many times you can solder on a board before it dies, so i might as well reduce the risk of needing to replace any caps in future. I'll get the usual electrolytics for the analog board though. Having peeled off the various stickers that were on there, the machine definitely needs a visit fro
  9. no fishy smell, but if i recap the logic board i'll likely recap the analog board at the same time. also really need a less noisy hard drive as this one is LOUD
  10. Hi folks, I bought a Mac Classic on eBay recently, as part of my plan to relive some of my youth. I had various 68k machines in the mid 90s, the only one I ever got new was an Amiga. I was given a Mac Classic free as it was going in the bin, and used it on and off for about 10 years before it started to make some weird noises on boot and i sold it for spares or repair on eBay. As it always goes with me, when i get rid of some tech, i want it back! so now I have one again Luckily this one has the full 4 meg of ram, the one I had before only had the stock 1 meg, which was limiting. I've
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