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  1. Well done! There is nothing like unboxing a mac the way Steve meant it to be
  2. Yeager

    Macintosh SE FS

    Here are the pics of my yellowed but working Macintosh SE.
  3. I have a 2009 Mac Pro also. I have it flashed to 5,1 and upgraded the CPU to the X5680 6 core. As per Graphics, I have installed a non-flashed HD 7950 that works perfectly without boot screens. If I were in your position, I would probably install some sort of SSD, Upgrade the GPU to a vanilla GTX 970 (Better Mac support with Nvidia Drivers), and maybe flash it to 5,1 and upgrade the CPUs to X5677s. That machine is still very desirable, and configurable to be just as fast as one of the new Mac Pros. I would not however upgrade to a HD 5770 or HD 5870 if you want to do anything intensive. Th
  4. Thank you very much, I definitely agree! I wish apple would make another in the same form factor with new internals, but I suppose that that would be a pipe dream
  5. Thank you all for the input! I had to put this project on hold for a bit, but as I sell off some of my desktops, I might start gathering parts to start upgrading it.
  6. Thanks for the info! I am trying to decide on whether it is worth it to spend the money on the upgrade, but from what I have seen it seems that PATA to M-SATA would be the cheapest route. I may be confused as to what you are proposing though. Thanks for all the help!
  7. I've looked into rebuilding the battery, it seems that it is quite difficult and not very feasible for long term usage. At least the power adapter isn't huge I might try to snag a NIB battery in the future, one will show up on eBay every once in a while for $20. I'm pretty bummed out that I didn't do the proper preservation measures to my Wallstreet's battery before I stored it, now it won't charge. I definitely agree, I really like mine! Thanks for all the help!
  8. It is definitely a really cool nonprofit. I was just giving you a hard time about IE, I've used a whole lot of OS 9 in my day I thought it was pretty cool that it had the original operating system installed, but I wanted something a little more modern. I would love to buy a nice Titanium G4, but I really need to get rid of some of my desktops before I expand my collection. That is pretty weird about the optical drive, hopefully you'll be able to fix it.
  9. Yes I do, you must be the Mac guy they were talking about So you are the one who installed Internet Explorer on it? Too bad the 667Mhz Titanium wasn't out there, I looked at the 867Mhz that they had in the store, but it didn't seem to be in the best of shape (bottom case was a little too scuffed up for my liking). The Titanium is the next laptop on my list. How nice is that 667Mhz? I have gone through several discharge cycles on the battery, and it seems that it has a small capacity, but enough to keep ram contents while plugging it in elsewhere. I saw the battery on eBay, but $80 is a
  10. Thanks for the info! The Pismo and the Lombard are almost the same, so I would have purchased either one Have you done any throughput tests with the new Compact Flash SSD? I have considered it, but I would prefer to do whatever is faster (or whatever works), because it seems that I could go for either for similar cost. I ran into a new problem today. I charged the charged to 3700 mah with only 77 load cycles, but it will only get to about 90% and then go asleep with the battery showing one blinking LED. If I go into System Profiler it now states that the battery has no cycles and that
  11. I haven't posted in quite a while, but I thought that this recent conquest was worth posting. I have been thinking about converting my collection to a more New World/Laptop oriented collection to save space; and as a result I have been patrolling Craigslist to look for some good deals. I found a computer recycler that I had not stumbled into before, and I decided to give them a call. To cut to the chase, I went there and found that they had a 500Mhz Pismo for $40! It was in pretty solid shape (no cracks, no pink tint, no major defects), but it was also pretty dirty/missing the IR port cove
  12. Yeager

    Ti Book

    Nice find, I still think they are the best looking Apple laptop to date.
  13. I second for OS 9. 10.3 doesn't really have much aftermarket support (i.e browsers, apps). 9 is just more fun, especially after raiding the Macintosh Garden.
  14. Those are fun little laptops, i've been wanting to get one myself. Nice conquest!
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