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  1. I have bought a PB Duo 280 which is showing tunnel vision, I am a bit reluctant to bake the screen, so I would maybe try inserting silica bags before or something similar. Anyway I will let you know - thanks for all the hints here!
  2. Thanks! Great news, good to know. I will try to have a battery caddy 3d-printed anyway, or to rebuild the original battery pack, as soon as I get the mp2000 shipped.
  3. Hi I have exactly the same adapter and it works fine on both a MP120 and 130. I wonder if it could work as well on a MP2000?
  4. Shipping price to Europe is actually higher thant the adapter price, so... yes please, @ronan make that adapter too!
  5. The cable from the scsi Zip drive works for my external scsi2sd (v.5.5) to connect it to my Quadra 700, providing the necessary 5V. It it worth saying that the external enclosure of scsi2sd 5.5 works perfectly on "pizza box" Macs, but the shape of the rear case of Quadra 700 makes it impossible to plug it in without taking it out of the case, or indeed using a cable like the Zip one - so an external enclosure should consider this shape factor too. If the point is accessing the sd, I am waiting for an extension cable for SD cards to arrive, because I want to see if I can manage to lea
  6. Thanks! Here you will find it: https://www.macintoshrepository.org/34104-mac-write-4-5
  7. Hi, did you find them? I think I have finder 4.1 on a MacWrite disk - how to see the System version tough? I guess preservation of localized system software should become a bigger topic, I am opening up a thread.
  8. This is great news, I am really interested - also in buying a card when it will be ready (and for once, shipping will be France to Italy, cheap and fast!!!). Not really a tech-head, but if there's anything I can do to help, I am here.
  9. In my experience, this is exactly what I did: plug the v.5.5 directly in the Mac and Apple IIGS scsi plug. Only with Quadra 700, due to the case angles on the back, I couldn't manage to do it without taking the case away, or using a scsi zip drive cable.
  10. Don't worry, nothing to apologize for. it is costly indeed, but I am super happy it could solve my problem.
  11. I am super interested in this, and would love to get every detail, from parts info to what PLA/color used for 3d printing the case, to how to open the original battery case without cracking it etc etc. I will follow with a lot of attention, and thank you for what you did so far!
  12. don't know if my soldering skills could make it, but good hint anyway. and yes, getting that adapter to Italy cost me 100€+ for fedex fast shipping (fast indeed, less than a week) plus 35€+ for customs clearing so... I could have probably bought another 50 pins scsi disk with that money. Anyway, I am glad I could solve this. Now I have a nice Quadra 700 to play with
  13. Jumpers will set the scsi id (maybe you want to make the boot disk show up as id0). Also Systems before 7.3 (if I remember correctly) will not handle 2+ Gb without partitions.
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