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  1. the customer service of Buyee replied again that they got in touch with my seller and he said it is 30 years old stuff and he cannot help. I wonder if they really passed on my message specifying that I just want the software he is showing in the auction pics... I might have found someone in Japan to ask to write him anyway. I won't surrender easily about this
  2. we should really find a way to contact those sellers yougen2plus and songquail_2002, they are selling a lot of graphic cards and showcase screenshots of specific control panels items.... anybody able to reach out to them on yahoo auctions japan???
  3. Yes, or you can anyway contact them on Yahoo I guess. The point is that the proxy won't allow you to do it ( I asked twice explaining that I already won , and it was for the drivers... and they pointed me at 68kmla ) and in order to do it directly, you should register on Yahoo Japan, and the first request is for a Japanese phone number... that's where I am stuck at
  4. and me: Pickles 24AW (and 24A) resolution 2048x1024 frequency 100Mhz (from what I got so far, but I am waiting for shipping)
  5. were you bidding on the auction for the 24AW and 24A I got? I am trying to contact the seller that was showing drivers pictures in the auction page, but passing through Buyee seems quite impossible to directly contact sellers They answered me today to... search 68kMLA forum The auction infos for the 24AW had the switch configurations and they look the same as posted above. It would be so great if it were just a matter of dip switches to get the proper resolution...
  6. I tried it in a IIci as the only card, and it did not show up in tattletech. I could plug the molex for powering the cpu fan, but nothing more. Maybe I will try again in a Quadra 700, I guess that is the most up-to-date nuBus machine I could use. I really don't like beige PPC and so my collection jumps from there to a black and white G3 - the only other chance I could have being a DuoDock for Powerbook Duos. There is also a block of jumpers to set on the card, the settings should be in one of the websites you linked but again no luck in different configurations. now I hav
  7. Great post! I have the first card in the picture, so OrangePC 210, according to what you write - and this is already a discovery, since I was identifying it as a 200 or 220. I had no success so far in having it recognized by any software tool in my IIci, nor to find the correct software version to make it work, even if some OrangePc drivers are available through the internet archive. I will see if there is something specific to the 210 model, and if this could make some difference. Any hint is super welcome, and here are other threads on the forum where we were discussing this:
  8. Hi, just picked up two BUG Pickles NuBus videocards: 24AW and 24A - I am still waiting them to be shipped, but the seller was showing in the auction (see pic) that the card was correctly recognized, so I hope I can get some driver from him. Anyway here's one more interested in knowing more about these pieces of hardware
  9. This really opens up a world of possibilities. Thanks and looking forward to having a chance to get my hands on one of these new boards
  10. The point is that thanks to brexit, having a retailer in UK is now not so different from shipping directly from US to continental Europe. UK started to apply customs fees to electronic parts etc so it is maybe a bit quicker than getting items from US producers, but it isn't cheap anymore. I guess the market will be narrowing now for UK retailers and there is probably a need for EU-resident ones. Or maybe to reconsider brexit, but this would lead me OT.
  11. This is the jumper block, should be ok for a 486 DX 66...
  12. No luck Tried a couple of versions of TattleTech, and both do not recognize anything on nubus slots. I changed the slot but same results. Now I am starting to be worried...
  13. Thanks, I have already checked the jumpers against that guide, it should be properly configured for a 486DX @ 33mhz... that is the actual processor My only concern is about the internal / external video, but the guide shares my concern...
  14. Hi, necro this topic anyone? I am struggling to make my card work. It should be a 290, but without the PCMCIA module. This is the first problem anyway: trying to identify it clearly. The previous owner mentioned a "plugin" to put in the system folder to make it work, but I fond no extension for this anywhere, if this is what he meant. He assured me the card was working... I grabbed OrangePC software v.3.8.2 from OrangeMicro snapshot on the internet Archive, it only runs on system 7 and I have tried it on 7.1.2, 7.5.3, 7.6.1 - the program opens to say
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