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  1. I would be willing to try, what kind of adapters would I need for getting the Macintosh TV with ethernet? I tried looking for one but everything seemed to be an internal connection, and there is no expansion on the MacTV. also its currently running 7.1, though I do have a 7.6.1 disc I can install on it, and the G4 I just upgraded to 10.4.11, though I still need to get 9.2.2 on there as well.
  2. ok, well this will be a bridge PC for my Macintosh TV, a more modern computer to allow me to transfer files to and from using Zip or floppy to the MacTV, cause there a a bunch of old games I want to play on that thing. but as far as the G4 itself, maybe a few period games, and maybe a little web surfing, so not much with it, I might do like a 70GB partition for OSX and a 30GB for OS 9 then. I might never use OS 9 for more then checking it out though. (I'm a windows guy, never really dealt with apple outside of school, my first computer was a Commodore 64, second an XT clone) for th
  3. Question for you guys, what would be a good video card for a first gen power mac G4 450mhz? it is an AGP model with what I assume is its stock ATI video card. Also I bought a 120GB SSD for it and was wondering how to get TRIM working on the drive within OSX 10.4.11, or some way of getting it to work, or at least curtailing its quick demise under HFS+
  4. Well, an eBay search turned up a good pic of the back, what was in those spots specs wise ive no idea, but here you go.
  5. It is a "real" SCSI Zip drive, though its the Zip100 Plus in that it supports both SCSI and Parallel, just depends on how the cable is attached, however there is only a SCSI ID selection on the back and no termination option. And the Zip Tools are installed, I did that before hooking the drive up.
  6. The legacy recovery disc I linked to on the Macintosh Garden site works quite well from CD, and at least the MacTV does have a CD-ROM built in. And it does include all software needed for that Mac, upgrading past 7.1 however it loses the ability to call the Mac by its name for some reason when you look at about this Mac. regardless, any suggestions on my issues with the Zip Drive?
  7. I don't really have "fresh" floppyies, all old ones sitting around, never had Macs before so I don't have anything I know is formatted mac. but I have tried a bunch after cleaning that were not used before.
  8. Good evening, sorry I work nights and sleep during the days, anyways I finally got it working when I got home this morning, I resized the SCSI2SD image size to 1.85GB and then using the recovery CD reinstalled the OS (version 7.1 for the MacTV, I will upgrade it to 7.6.1 eventually) on to the SD card, gave it a restart and its booting from the SD now, as I have the Zip drive I thought I would install the drivers and then hook it up, drivers installed however I cant get the mac to do anything but try and boot from the zip drive, disk in or out it will not boot from the SD card. any suggestions?
  9. ITS WORKING!!!!! kinda, I finally bought all the caps needed to recap the analog board (have the list if anyone wants it) and its now booting, and giving the ?, was able to boot from the legacy installer disc and it could not see what was an already installed OS on the SCSI2SD adapter, after lots of trial and error I was finally able to get it to see the SD card again and installed 7,1 on to it yesterday... however I can't seem to get the mac to boot from it now, and loading the legacy CD and using drive partitioning software it shows the drive as unmounted, any suggestions?
  10. I am 100% positive its SCSI compatible, its a Zip Plus drive, both parallel and SCSI on the same device, using its cable its "auto sensing" so it should work. and it was practically brand new, doesn't look like it had ever been used, granted I don't know if it really works or not, as I have no working PC right now with a parallel port on it.
  11. Well, the drive sled I got is a little to long, I will need to trim the removal tab a bit to get the back panel to fit. I did replace the caps on the mobo and it did boot to the ?, so I burned the recovery CD I linked to above and was able to after 7 or so hours of messing with it get system 7.1 installed then upgraded to 7.6 and then finally 7.6.1 however after doing all that I decided to install the drivers for the Zip Plus drive I bought, then shut the thing down to hook up the drive to the SCSI port on the back, turend it back on and got a blank screen with no cursor or logo, so I gave it
  12. any ideas as to what kind of drive sled is needed for the HDD? As mine was removed before I got it, there is no sled or drive caddy I can see, I found an adapter for the interface though I am not sure if it will work. Also how does one pop the front panel off to get to the floppy and CD-ROM drives as I will need to clean and lube the floppy for sure.
  13. Ok, I talked to 68krazy and got the cap list for the analog board for his LC550 which should be the same board, I will order the caps and see if it works, though I will need a keyboard for the power button, and a mouse would be nice. Macdrone I would like to take you up on your offer for the keyboard and mouse, and the screws, let me know what you would it would take to do so please.
  14. yeha got that, a cheapo one from Amazon, but it works great, already recapped my VIC-20 and C64, just need the caps for the Mac and I can get it up and running.
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