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  1. It is possible, but one trend I have found is that when I have worked on drives, those with more original grease freeze easier than those that had a thin, smooth coating. I have a few that I’ve never re-greased because they still function perfectly. It may also be storage conditions (if they were subjected to a hot attic for years, perhaps), but it seems that the amount also matters.
  2. One of the most common issues I had when I first started working on these drives is that I used too much lithium grease, and it seems to make the mechanism stick when assembled rather than work smoothly. I eventually discovered that EM-30L grease is a direct replacement for what used to be used on the drives (EM-10L). I have had better success using this. That being said, there is always the possibility that part of the actual steel hardware is distorted from being knocked around at some point. Perhaps you could post some photos of your drives?
  3. Unless the problem is really bad regardless of age, this would probably be ok. The shrink-wrap has not even been removed. I was hoping there was some way to modify or hack it as far as software to use as a shared drive for my classic machines. As for normal backup, I've got a 6 TB RAID drive on my Mac mini with mirroring...I'm all set in that department. This was just to see if there was anything I could realistically do with it for my old machines as some sort of file server.
  4. Believe it or not, it really is not the hardest thing to do. You just need some time to do it is all. Once you do one drive, the second will be easier.
  5. Same goes here. I'd never have gotten my Portable up and running without @techknight's assistance. We have all been there through difficult times in our lifes, and I believe many of us are having some of the most difficult now with COVID. Hang in there, and we are also here in what limited capacity we can be!
  6. I just received as a donation from a friend a never-opened Time Capsule 3rd generation. I have a fairly robust, latest-generation AirPort network in my home. I also use some small AirPort Expresses as bridges for my old Macs to be able to join the network. I was curious: is there any way to configure the Time Capsule as a network drive that could possibly be reached by at least OS 9? Does it support AFP that old, or would it be strictly OS X alone? Other suggestions are of course welcome.
  7. In the past 15 years, I have almost never seen a Mac for disposal. Maybe I just don't know where to look.
  8. APFS has nothing to do with it. I believe somewhere back around 10.7 or something, the OS only had the ability to read HFS, but not write to HFS. That goes for any HFS disk, including hard disks. HFS plus (otherwise known as Mac OS Extended), on the other hand, is still used and is fine. That may have been your confusion.
  9. You can still write to floppies; the issue is that the newer OS versions don’t support writing to the HFS file system, which these floppies use. The other issue you would have is no USB drive can write to 800k floppies, just 1.4 MB ones. As for cleaning and lubrication, I have a guide on YouTube:
  10. To my knowledge, there are no "new" 800k disks out there, only NOS ones. I could always get a system disk out to you (not original, mind you). Did you clean/lubricate the floppy drives? You do seem to have a very nice, crisp screen there.
  11. If you want the battery, you can just clip, desolder the remaining leads, and solder in a holder.
  12. I’m amazed it actually runs.
  13. Wolf 3D on an 040 is awful. I remember hating to play it on my dad's Quadra 660 back when. No good until it was on a Power Mac.
  14. Who knows. It worked for reasons I will never understand.
  15. Your dedication is commendable. I only wish I had the background and expertise for this sort of thing. Maybe later in life I can learn.
  16. Question: how configurable is this thing via a modern Mac rather than a PC? How's it been going for everyone?
  17. Weirdest I’ve done: hooked a Classic to a SCSI to FireWire converter, turned on the Classic. Connected the FW to an iMac. Fired up the iMac. The Classic’s internal HD mounted on the iMac.
  18. Better yet: just get new battery holders like on the SE, SE/30, etc, solder those in, and you are good to go. I did that on my II.
  19. I would remove ALL chips that were in the affected area. I’ve rescued an SE that had just as bad of a blow, and the issue I had was crud that was unseen below chips was shorting traces and corroding things. There’s no way of cleaning under there otherwise. Some you may have to hack out and get replacements.
  20. I have partitions on the card for 7.5.5, 8.6, and 9.1. Startup on 7.5.5 is quite speedy, and shut down is almost instantaneous.
  21. I was not sure what rating was placed in there previously is all. If there is some sort of overvoltage i guess thats what would be blowing it. Perhaps a short.
  22. I hadn't used vTools for this, I just downloaded MacBench from Macintosh Garden instead. I'm just trying to figure out what the results say, are longer bars better or are shorter ones?
  23. What im trying to figure out is....longer bars are better or worse?
  24. Was the voltage rating below spec? Having a larger-than-spec voltage rating would help.
  25. The other issue could have been that C1 was installed backwards and exploded.
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