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  1. Hi, Thank you very much for the questions. I will try to answer here as well as I can: I was not aware of the Acorn RISC project, I am not familiar with it. But if it is similar to what Wine is for Windows, it might also share similar goals as M.A.C.E., although for different platform. We use SDL in the current prototype (See https://mace.software/2018/03/12/sdl2-the-fake-rom-and-resource-maps/ ), but we plan to implement platform-specific adapters soon, because the SDL integration is causing limitations and problems we want to avoid in t
  2. It depends which of our goals you are asking about...In the current stage, we are adding some individual applications as pre-packaged bundles as soon as we have both author's permission (if applicable), and when we have time to bundle them for testing. We already have a bunch of those available for trying out. The next milestones are still implementation of the generic runtime, and application bundle maker tool, but they are roughly still (at least) one year away. That is because we want to make sure everything is 100% compatible, as even though 99% of features and games are working, the missi
  3. I just wanted to give a brief update with some good news: We recently managed to contact the authors of both Glider 4 and Scarab of RA, and just in time for the Christmas holidays, got permission for putting both of those classic games available for free download as M.A.C.E. application bundles! So if you want something fun to play during the holiday break, here's the blog post I wrote about this just a few minutes ago with more details: https://mace.software/news/ Both signed and unsigned macOS versions are available, and also unsigned Windows 10 version he
  4. Another quick update! I haven't posted for a while here, to not spam this thread too much, but we're still progressing on the emulator, although recently a bit more slowly due to real-life work duties and other things taking a lot of time. But I think today's update might be fun one to show here: https://mace.software/2020/10/30/marathon-fixed-inits-revisited-fun-with-control-panel-cdevs-after-dark/ Since last time I posted here, we have been improving various things, most importantly fixed the DIVU bug in September, and got already Prince of Persia 2 (almos
  5. Hi again, It's still been a bit slow, but I managed to make a tiny bit of progress during this weekend. It's not much, but I helped Pukka fix some major issues in the 68020-specific full extension addressing mode in the 68K emulation, which allows us to run a bunch of games much further. And for fun, I also recorded a short video of Continuum gameplay, which I had planned to do since last year. I wrote more details about this & uploaded screenshots of latest progress over here: https://mace.software/2020/08/31/fixes-to-full-extension-addressing-mode-new-video/
  6. Thank you, it's always nice to hear there is interest in this project Right now, the major plan is to create a FREE "Classic"-type runtime environment to allow everybody to use old Mac apps, but still keep it closed-source. Ideally it would be awesome, if there would someday be a interest for a GOG-style service for old Mac games. We don't personally aim to create such service ourself, but we're happy if our tools help the creation of such a service. But realistically, we're just asking around Mac developers for permission of distributing the old games for free, and bundl
  7. Hi, I just wanted to share with you guys a crazy little hack for Color VETTE! I made during the past couple weekends. Basically, it should fix the graphic corruption bug the game has on System 7.1, and seems to work at least on my Mac OS 8.1 in Basilisk II, but I haven't had time/chance to test on much other systems. I have written detailed information about the bug, and have the download link (including the source code) here - Note that the download link is the end of the page: https://mace.software/vettehack/ (Not strictly related to the MACE p
  8. Hi, Thanks for the support, it is always appreciated! The HyperCard situation is still the same as last year when we last discussed about it - basically, in Hypercard 1.x, some transitions are visible but feel a bit fast, while others are not visible almost at all, so it might be they are tied to the CPU speed in that version of the application. And I think I might have "broken" something, because now HyperCard 1.x makes a SysBeep every time a new stack is opened And HyperCard 2.x is still stuck on missing styled textedit toolbox API. For the past half year, our focus
  9. That looks interesting, I searching information about the project, and found youtube video of the NTK basilisk2 demo through newtontalk mailing list, and it looks like something fun to definitely try out at some point. I did quick snoop around the SDK, and I believe at least Edition Manager and Communications Toolbox are required for it, both which are not yet implemented in the emulator. They will be of course added someday, but as of now, they are still on the To-Do list, and thus the NTK will not - yet - run. The plan is to support serial ports both physically (for example, USB seri
  10. I hope everybody here is safe & healthy, now with the epidemic going on in the world... As for the good news, we have made some minor progress with color support on our spare time in the past 2-3 weeks: https://mace.software/2020/03/18/more-color-support-palette-manager/ Basically, we are now starting to have Palette Manager support, and one by one we are getting more and more color drawing features functional. Here's a screenshot of the latest status: I also made a short video clip of the demo running: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdeiB9
  11. No problem, glad to be of help. If you manage to figure out a way to get contact with the author (he's got IMDB profile btw at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4184021/ but his contact info is behind a paywall), let me know, and I could ask him for permission for making a MACE bundle of the game (either demo or full) too. In the recent past I've managed to contact a couple authors (most notable Missile and Continuum developers) and received positive responses, so perhaps also he might be sympathetic for the initiative.
  12. Hi again, and sorry for late reply. Been super busy recently! What I understand (based on the "About" box contents), the author made Dungeon of Doom a commercial game with the 5.4 upgrade, it being previously a shareware game. It seems that Dungeon of Doom 5.4 is actually a demo, and "Dungeon Revealed" is the commercial version of this demo. So the 2.0 version is probably an older shareware release before they changed the purchasing/distribution model. If you have the disk image, you could consider uploading it to the websites which currently archive old mac games (I am not sure if the
  13. Thank you It is always great to hear there are people who are interested in the project. Actually, Dungeon of Doom (or more accurately, version 5.4 demo of it) is one of the games we already tested during last year (it's on the status page at https://mace.software/status/ ). There were some problems getting it to work in the past - but I saw your message, and decided to give it a try - and after a couple tweaks and two bug fixes in Toolbox emulation a minute ago, the game seems to work now okay At least I managed to get to level 2, with save/load, the "demo version" sound effects, et
  14. I know of the sound issue you mention, we looked briefly into it one year ago, and it may be problem with how SDL handles our (or classic Mac's) 22255 Hz sound frequency, which we use as the output format. It seems to be worse on higher CPU usage, but in most of our tests the "popping" has been minimal. It is however on the list of things to improve, and we will give it definitely a more profound look into when we start work on Sound Manager this year. Thank you Actually the color support is one of the next major features in our task list, and I posted just a moment ago a
  15. And now the Windows version is ready for testing! For people who prefer to use that system https://mace.software/2020/01/07/windows-version-and-screen-mode-control/ We've package all the eight current test applications for Windows, and they are available in the downloads section at https://mace.software/files/ . It took some time figure out that WordPress (silently) does not allow linking EXE files (or ZIP files containing them), although it allows uploading them...weird. Anyway, for the time being, I put the Windows version ZIPs into my Dropbox and shared the downloa
  16. Happy New Year (and belated Merry Christmas) from the M.A.C.E. team! There were not much news at Christmas time, so I did not post a link to the Christmas update here earlier (at https://mace.software/2019/12/26/happy-holidays/ ) - mostly it consists of Christmas themed Dark Castle near-playthrough, and MacTCP teaser. However, if you are using Windows (or Raspberry PI) platform besides Mac OS, you might be interested to know, that we have made significant progress on the ports of M.A.C.E. on both of those platforms: https://mace.software/2020/01/01/happy-new-year/ To su
  17. Hello, There's another minor update on the progress. Pukka mentioned somebody on Emaculation forums was asking if we could run Apple's Finder - so we attempted it, and made some fixes so that the original, unmodified Finder 6.1.8 from System 6.0.7 will (mostly) work on M.A.C.E.: This could be considered as another step towards the generic M.A.C.E. release. Of course, we cannot distribute Finder ourself, but it is nice to know that once we get to that point, people could use it if they want to Here's the full briefing on the recent development:
  18. There's a couple pages that might be of interest for you: - Ingemar's SAT page: http://www.lysator.liu.se/~ingemar/sat/sat-downloads.html - has the SAT 2.6 for 68k applications, should work both in THINK C and THINK Pascal 4. However, I don't think there is source code available for it, but it was a widely used graphics library, so it should be pretty stable. (He also has information and guide for THINK Pascal 4.5 at https://www.lysator.liu.se/~ingemar/tp45d4/think.html if that might be of interest). - SpriteWorld: http://spriteworld.sourceforge.net/ - At least 2.x vers
  19. Hi again, Here's some replies to some earlier comments: I think the basic idea how Apple did it Mac OS 9 nanokernel, was abstracting the lower-level hardware through the nanokernel interface, running Mac OS 9 on top of it as a single task (and thus normal applications runnning on it would not directly benefit of the multitasking and memory protection features). I read that this abstraction was one of the key elements running the actual Mac OS 9 into Classic environment, where the low-level nanokernel was replaced with the Classic runtime, allowing most of the Mac OS 9 runni
  20. Thanks for your reply. We actually considered MacBinary initially as the format last summer when we started work on the file system, but gave up quickly with it because of the performance (and disk-wear) overhead, CRC checksum calculation and added complexity of managing both resource and data forks in a single file which made it unpractical for real-time file operations. For example, adjusting data fork's size in MacBinary file would force relocating the entire resource fork's portion inside the single file. With AppleDouble, the both forks live in separate files on host system, allowing th
  21. Hi, It's not that many days since my last post here, but there's some great news: We have now bundled three new games for you guys to try out! One of them is one of our favourite games - Continuum - which I got the personal permission from Brian Wilson to put up for free download as a M.A.C.E. bundle! The two other are some our favourite freeware games GunShy 1.3 (mahjong solitaire clone) and MacConcentration (match pair memory game). Also, all the test applications have been updated to the new Beta 7 version of M.A.C.E. runtime, which includes - among other thi
  22. It would be interesting to see this idea someday implemented by someone. A couple years ago I was reading about a project for creating a full Amiga similar way on FPGA, including a 68K which was also used in Macs. I think the project I was reading about was https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimig There was also a project to create a full 68K cpu using FPGA: https://blog.adafruit.com/2018/12/10/fx68k-an-open-source-68000-cycle-accurate-fpga-core-vintagecomputing-fpga-gaming/ One challenge with Macs are the ROMs, which are (to my knowledge) tightly tied to the certain hardware
  23. Hi again, Sorry for not posting much recently, we have been super busy with real-life work, and implementing one really important feature - the Standard File Package! So, now we basically have finally are getting the "Open" and "Save" dialogs to M.A.C.E.! https://mace.software/2019/10/22/standard-file-package/ There's still work to do, but this will soon allow us to add a bunch of new test app bundles (one personal favorite I'm hoping we can finally add, if we get permission, is Continuum, which uses this for saving & loading of custom galaxy files). I w
  24. Hi, It will be possible someday, but it will take a little bit more work than the 10.6 compatibility. My main development machine, which we use to create bundles, is running Xcode 9 on Mac OS X 10.12 which can go only down to 10.6, which allowed the 10.6.8 support to be relatively easily added. We do however also have lower end machines, and I can do builds on Xcode 4 on Mac OS X 10.7 on Mac Mini C2D, but we will also need to prep up a test machine with Mac OS X version lower than 10.6 to do the tests. Also, I am not sure how low SDL2 (our current front-end) can go. Pukka has menti
  25. Hi again! I recall reading about SheepShaver back in the day when BeOS on PowerPC was topical, but sadly I did not have chance to try BeOS until the x86 version (which I think SheepShaver did not work on at that time). It is such a long time ago, that I had to refresh my memory by doing some reasearch, but I found out (from http://www.atpm.com/4.09/page12.shtml ) that it is true that one unique aspect about SheepShaver on PowerMacs was that it did not require ROM image, but used the actual ROM in the machine in the emulator. That is quite neat feature, and is a little closer to
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