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  1. Remove the battery and power for a little while, then attach the power cable only. Slide and hold the power button over, and a very dim screen should come up asking if you want to erase or not. If you get this far, proceed with sliding the power button normally a few times until it goes. Some sort of weird PMU or similar problem, not sure what is really going on but mine does it all the time. TBird
  2. Fiber optics with small nicks in the run works pretty well, having everything lead back to a single LED. There was an iBook one done this way that did, as you mention, tie into the backlight inverter, which had the bonus of dimming it (though tied to the screen...). TBird
  3. I refuse to see ads of any sort show up here. That said, $100 dropped to you chaps. I have loitered around here long enough without any form of paying up. Thank you all. TBird
  4. And thus become a godsend amongst hordes of dead 2400 owners. Mine is still going quite strong *knocks on wood* but having the ability to fix this would be amazing! The 2400 is certainly a machine worth gathering information about, as it certainly is becoming more and more rare as it moves on. If you do follow through with this archival, I would be quite happy to have a publishing of such an item. TBird
  5. Ugh. A mobo swap in those is a long process. It is fortunately rather straight forward, and less blood drawing than an 8500. I wish you luck and much patience. TBird
  6. More realistically you could enable ink as is on the mac, then install vnc server and client on the machine and newton respectively. Sure it might be a bit laggy, but it will be a heck of a lot easier/faster to set up. TBird
  7. Agreed on keeping the original heatsink. However I did run into overheating issues on my Beige, so an additional fan could be useful. I got one of those small, about an inch tall ones from a slot A pentium, mounted it on the side of the heatsink, and was home free from then on. TBird
  8. The controllers will handle different capacities. Lots of people have re-celled these batteries before. But these people also know what is going with these things very well. They can be very dangerous, as bunsen said, so I would recommend against it as well. TBird
  9. Check it out. I am considering picking it up, just for collectibility, but the price still seems a bit steep. Compared to the few I have seen in the past though, it still seems to be on the cheaper side. Unless someone else has one they want to donate TBird
  10. Sounds like a bad HD to me as well. 75% of the time a bad OS access generates that type of behavior. I would try both the CD and Firewire drive methods mentioned above. I had a TiBook that had both the HD and CD ATA controllers fried, but it would still boot off of a firewire drive. Check your ram as well too. While it wouldn't (typically) cause this kind of behavior, a good reseating will help make sure that isn't complicating things as well. TBird
  11. As a 2400c owner and lover, this is quite cool to see. Thanks for putting them up! TBird
  12. They walk a very fine line in the current state as well. They need to prevent piracy and create funds to continue such niche software. But the moment they go under or are not utilized enough, these mechanisms then go unchecked as the developer disappears or moves on. I don't think wavelan and chatbuddy were designed and planned to be left abandoned and unusable without updates. It just happens with such a small community. I agree it sucks, but I know in the wavelan case in particular, it is more work to fix it than the developer has time for. TBird
  13. There were some pretty funny spots in this keynote though... TBird
  14. I get to watch it live! Yippee! First one in a long time. TBird
  15. Have you run it through an apple diagnostics disk to have it check everything? I know it sounds weird, but a looping ASD has found many a tricky thing for myself. Also, even with using the external, PSU issues could still be lingering causing activity like this. If you have the means to try other power options, I would definitely go for it. My most recent re-hacking of an iMac didn't have these problems, but incredibly intermittent hard crashes, and it was due to a bad PSU that took forever to narrow down. Best of luck mate, TBird
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