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Found 7 results

  1. tommijazz91

    SE/30 internal HDD termination

    Hello everyone! I have a SE/30 that boots from the internal HDD only if a ZIP drive is connected. I initially thought it may have something to do with bad traces on the motherboard (and still haven't checked since it is not my area of expertise), but then I remembered: the HDD is a Seagate 8GB drive taken from an external Lacie enclosure. Is it possible that I have to terminate it with the switches present on the HDD? I found the manual for the drive but I am unsure on how to proceed. Maybe it has nothing to do with this, but the jumper plug on J2 is set to "term power from drive". Should I set it to "terminator enable", another setting or leave it as it is? Mine is the "N" model. Thanks.
  2. Hi 69kmla community! Having some trouble figuring out how to format and initialise an external SCSI HDD (GCC Technologies UltraDrive 45) with Apple HD SC setup 2.0.3 on a Macintosh Plus from 1986 with 4MB of RAM. I read elsewhere that i need HD SC setup version 3.0 to recognise non-Apple SCSI external HDD to boot on it the system. And that 3.0 version work with System 7.0. I have System 6.0.8 on a DD Floppy Disk. The external 45MB HDD use 50pins connector with a passive SCSI terminator. The lights blinks when Mac Plus boot up and trying to find System files and also when trying to search for SCSI drives with Apple HD SC Setup but never recognised. So i need an DD 720k disk with HD SC Setup and another one with System 7 to start formatting this non apple hdd? Thank you, restoring this gift.
  3. This is a cautionary tale on what not to do with your Macintosh SE. Ever since I replaced the HDD in my SE, I always felt the new drive wasn't secure enough. There are six screw points on the 40 MB Conner HD SC drive and only four screw points on the SE's HDD bay. Only two of the Conner's screw points (one on the left side of the drive and one on the right) lined up with the SE's screw points. This means that the HDD was only held in place by two screws. It was okay, but it could've been more secure. Sometimes when running the SE, I would hear a "klinking" sound, which I assumed had to do with the HDD. I found a 5.25'' to 3.5'' HDD bracket on ebay and thought maybe this bracket would help secure the drive. The bracket didn't fit no matter what way I tried to install it. I then gave up and tried to put the HDD back in its original place. Unfortunately, I used the wrong screw and bored into the drive's PCB board and knocked off one of the capacitors. After that happened I tried using a Segate Barracuda drive I pulled from a beat up Power Macintosh 7500 I bought a while back. The Segate drive fit the bay perfectly, except the screw points didn't line up at all. Curious to see if the drive would work, I secured it to the bay using electrical tape and hooked it up to the logic board. When I turned on my SE, this drive started up and was the loudest drive I had ever heard. It got louder as it spun up to the point where I was a afraid something was gonna blow up. I immediately turned off my SE and waited. After a couple minutes, I decided to swap out the Segate with the drive from my Classic II. The Classic II uses a 40 MB Conner, but the HDD bracket in the Classic II fits the drive perfectly. Instead of just swapping drives, I decided to swap brackets too including the floppy drive. I looked into swapping the ROMs in order to do a proper Superdrive upgrade to the SE (thought I might as well since I was going to put the Classic II's floppy drive in there along with the HDD), but the Classic II ROMs don't fit in the SE. After doing the swap, I put my SE back together and turned it on only to get a blank screen and a clicking noise coming from the power supply. I immediately turned off the SE. Looking up the clicking noise on this forum has led me to the conclusion that I must have killed the power supply when I put the Segate drive in the SE. I guess the lesson here is, be careful what kind of HDD you put in your SE.
  4. CVKealey

    M2115 service manual?

    Anyone happen to have a service manual for the M2115 external SCSI HDD? I have two of them I've reassembled from pieces and can't seem to get them to work. The problem is that I can't seem to figure out where the scsi ID switch connects. I think it should connect to the drive itself, but can't see where. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. pinto_guy

    HDD Bad Blocks

    I have revived yet another SE30. The HDD, however (Quantum Prodrive 80S) is throwing errors. I thought that a Lido format would find and reallocate bad blocks, but it does not seem to be doing that. So I tried the "Overnight Test" in the Lido software, hoping to do just that. However, it seems to be giving up after 100 errors have been found. Would anyone have a suggestion ? I could replace the HDD of course, but would prefer of course to keep the original, even if that means reducing the capacity a bit. Thanks in advance.
  6. winterlight

    ibook G4 HDD surgery

    Hi guys, I'm new to macs in general so please takee it easy on me... :b&w: I just recently got an iBook G4 and want to replace the HDD with an SSD. Two issues that people have mentioned but seem to have no hard information about: 1 - The pin set-up of the original HDD. Some people have told me it's not a normal sized IDE. It's smaller. I can't really tell from the pictures on the internet so I'm hoping someone has done this before and can tell me definitively 2- Sata 3 to PATA. The SSD I want to use is a normal 2.5" SATA 3 HDD. Once again, "people online" have said that SATA3 won't work with the PATA interface not matter what adapter I use. I have no idea about this. So has anyone tried using a plain old SSD in an iBook G4? (It's the A1134 (14") model btw) Given the above I see that there are such things as PATA SSDs on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/128GB-KingSpec-2-5-inch-SM2236-Controller/dp/B0091T4ZWU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1475294391&sr=8-5&keywords=ide+ssd Maybe that's easier? Anyone think that will work? Thanks for your patience guys.
  7. Hi, I recently acquired as part of a bundle of macs, a CMS external HDD case, just like this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CMS-Stack-3-Vintage-Hard-Drive-External-SCSI-For-Apple-Macintosh-Series-/151552664251 It had a Aztecmonster CF adapter and 1GB card in it but I can't get the Mac to see the device. Am thinking the dip switches on the rear of the case (which seem to impact the DB25 wiring inside the case (ID select etc?)) is the issue. (Powers up fine, Aztecmonster pwr led is on, the LED for the HDD even flickers on initially on power up) just can't be seen by lido7 or fwb etc so I think the ID selection is the issue. NB: This is a db25 in and out box, do they need special DB25 terminators like the 50pin centronics SCSI ports on ext HDD / CD drives usually do? Does anyone have a manual or info sheet for this old hardware?