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    • Ah cool; so  copy /b high1.bin + high2.bin combined_hi.bin copy /b low1.bin + low2.bin combined_lo.bin or for *nix cat high1.bin high2.bin > combined_hi.bin cat low1.bin low2.bin > combined_lo.bin Burn to a pair of 27256 EPROMs and enjoy? Sounds easy enough.
    • They've been on Mac GUI Vault for a few years: Twiggy Mac prototype ROM   I also did some write-ups back in 2014, investigating the file format and ROM: Twiggy Mac ROM disassembly Report on Twiggy Mac disks     It isn't necessary to have the adapter. You can merge the contents into a Hi and Lo ROM as used on the production Macintosh board. Some people have already done it a few years ago with the newer Twiggy ROM version.
    • As a side note, does anyone have a schematic of the ROM adapter? If the ROM gets released I might burn it to some real ROMs and throw it in my retail Mac 128 for a laugh  
    • Thanks for doing this. I can't really understate how much I've gained from all of the materials the community has shared on outlets like Bitsavers, Macintosh Garden, the Internet Archive, and so on. I always try to pay it forward with stuff from my own collection.
    • Another Amazon source for 30 pin, I've bought plenty from these guys and they work fine   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IC1A1O8/