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Apple IIe card (for Mac) -- Very Unstable

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I have an LC III with an Apple IIe card.  It works but is somewhat unstable -- for example, it freezes up every few minutes (I can unfreeze by going to the Options Panel and clicking Continue to return to IIe). Also some of my programs that use double-hi-res and double-lo-res graphics work most of the time but sometimes don't work.  If I boot from System 7.5.3 things are even worse sometimes (40column text is garbled).


So my question is -- is this a known situation?  Or do i have a flaky card. Or a flaky mac? were the IIe cards known to have these sorts of issues?




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has the card been recapped ? notorious for having bad caps and leaky ones.


Near the main connector, so can do strange things.

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