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SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

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Thanks much, pcamen. I figured the user manuals were out there somewhere, but this one's a much better find. Brain's all but shut down ATM, don't remember seeing that tech doc before. I wonder if I got the Development Docs/Technical Info for the Color30 there too? Pretty sure it was somewhere else, a link to that would be good, gang. [:)]

On 10/29/2019 at 1:39 PM, techknight said:

Well I was thinking along the side of driving the analog board from the video card, not sync the video card to the analog board. Seems backwards to me.

Not backwards at all, if you look at it the other way around! [;)] You're syncing the video card to the VSYNC output from the Logic Board connector, not the A/B. HSYNC is carried along for the ride on the harness and passed with VSYNC to the A/B from the Color30, with the HSYNC signal used by Color30.


Bare bones representation of 306-48 specific harness signals:




< Tangential Silliness >


Originally, talk was about driving the GS Neck Board from a modified (very well documented) Toby Card and then looking at doing same from my very early (first?) release programmable SuperMac Spectrum card from a NuBus Mac for shiggles and gits. Sometime in that time frame Bolle figured out we could be putting the A/B at risk.


If there's a way to sync my Spectrum or a heavily modified Macintosh II Video Card (Toby) or clone to VSYNC from any Compact Mac along an unused DA-19 pin it opens up some serious playtime opportunities. Think Macintosh Plus with a modified GS harness installed and the GS neck board on its CRT. The setup would be A-B switchable from its own motherboard's internal video output in Plus Mode to GS input from any NuBus Mac with the Plus acting as its secondary display. You're talking something on the order of six to eight lines on a cable patched through a Compact's security slot?


That'd put my SE on top of the pet IIfx in one big hurry!  [}:)]




In the diagram above, the Compact Mac to NuBus Mac Video Cable, the A-B switching setup and NuBus card would be represented by J4. Are Plus or SE Logic Board to A/B connectors the same (all Compact Macs?) as those on the SE/30?


< /Tangential Silliness >



edit: massive page return continuity corrections

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Here is the same type doc for a card called the Xceed SE/301 0-78, also an SE/30 card.  That couldn't be the Color30 could it?




I also found this Color 30 users guide:




That's all I can find in my stash Xceed related. 


However, I did find this on Archive.org, Xceed technical documentation. 




Interestingly, there is also a file there called Micron XCeed ROM.sit.  Here are the contents:




Does that look helpful?

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