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Dead Ibook G3 clamshell tangerine?

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Hi guys,

A few weeks ago I bought a damaged ibook g3 clamshell tangerine. The display was wrecked and it had cracks in the back of the display housing. The seller did provide a new screen, plus an appropriate lvds-cable, because the display he gave me was an IBM display an the display in the ibook was a samsung display. The thing is, I installed the display and tried to power up the machine with a powerbook g3 lombard adapter I had lying around, but other than that the hard drive was making noise, the machine seemed completely dead. No bong, although the speaker might be dead, and no display. Not even the backlight turned on. One of the other issues was the fact that it had no keyboard nor a battery, so I couldn't try any key-combos to try and reset it, though I have tried to do them with a spare apple pro keyboard I had lying around. I have kinda run out of options right now, and I've gotten to the point where I am thinking about putting the motherboard in the oven, just to try and reflow it and see if this helps. So, does anyone have any idea on how to fix this problem? Also, does anyone have a spare keyboard and battery laying around that he or she wants to sell for cheap?

Thanks for any help,


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