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SE/30 Serial Ports not working

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Hey, MLA! Been a really long time since I've been around, but I have a question regarding an SE/30


After a very long send-away to get the board recapped, It finally came back to me. I plugged it in and the SCSI controller wasn't doing its thing, after a few hours of probing the SCSI controller, I found a few bad data lines and ran a few bodges, the system came up and booted directly from the HD that it came with. My usual routine is that I drop a Disk Tools disk in and boot the machine, format the drive and then boot from a Network Access Disk and Install the system over LocalTalk. Imagine my surprise when the Serial Ports didn't work at all. Figuring that there must still be a bad trace somewhere, I spent a fair amount of time testing continuity from the Serial Ports all the way back to the Zilog chip, but then got hung up on what I'm looking at all the way on the left side of the schematic. At this point, I'm tired and frustrated and looking for some help and pointers. I did notice that one of the yellow chips in the RP section had been replaced with something that has its four corner pins missing, but upon looking at the schematic, it appears that those corner pins are just ground.


I know there are some real experts here that can probably help me point out the issue, anyone have any ideas?



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