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    • Hi hackdog, thanks for your fast reply!   to be honest, I’m not really sure what the problem is... one psu blows fuses straight away and another just clicks and shuts down.   i don’t suppose the schematic indicates the ratings of the parts?   the only things I tested were the diodes since I guessed that could be one reason the fuses blow so quickly.   everything looks pretty clean except I think I recall a bit of blackening around some parts of the circuit board.   if I upload some more photos could you take a look?   cheers and thanks again!
    • And the print head is properly located so that if the printing pins will actually contact the paper? While it is attempting to print, can you tell if the pins are even moving? Maybe there is an issue in the circuits that drive the solenoids that actuate the pins.
    • This is really cool.  Thankyou for posting it!
    • @JDW thanks for sharing yet another terrific video.  I am about halfway through and the details you include is always fascinating.  I always learn something new from your videos, for example I had never thought about the different types of first-gen ADB mice even though I have certainly noticed the different mouse ball colors over the years!  You also have a great and friendly presentation style, not to mention the professional editing.   One observation, I am surprised you recommend prying apart the case with bits of metal.  I am a big proponent of the no-pry case opening technique described nicely by @Dog Cow here:  https://macgui.com/news/article.php?t=479   In my experience it works 100% of the time on both original Macs and SE/30s and means no metal ever has to touch any part of your case except the screws!  It may be worth sharing with your YourTube viewers.