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New 1400 Battery?

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Is there a source for new batteries for these old machine?


If not, is there potentially a place where you can get custom batteries made? I know my friends have gotten custom batteries made in the past for various things. And it wasn't prohibitively expensive. But that said, this half memory could be entirely wrong. 

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Nope, here's a pic of a 1400 pack.




Here's a way to do a re-cell with AAA. Rough layout, ISTR it's for a BTI clone, so the wiring is probably off for the standard components you'll need to harvest from a dead bat pack.




Pics from last page of this thread:


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Interesting what Battery is that? (edit: realised that's PowerBook Duo battery)

This battery pack is from my 1400c/166 which is why I looked up that pack with that link above.




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OOPSIE! My bad. I was going to point out the electrical components related to charging that CardiMax battery pack in the 1400, but had to run to work. Your picture is better as there looks to be a PCB involved as well, which may make things easier of harder. I have my doubts about one dedicated battery pack being compatible with another. In Duo batteries, re-celling with higher capacity cells gains nothing in terms of maximum charge level. The electronics in the BTI Batteries for Duos allow for higher capacity cell compatibility. It's not a matter of the individual batteries, it's all about the electronics in the various packs.


Now I need to bust open one of my 1400 bats to satisfy my curiosity. ::)

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