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Quadra 650 & 800 Logic board differences

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I have both logicboards - Quadra 650 and 800.

The only difference visually I can see is that 800 board has connector for external LED and jumper to activate Q800, without it it'll become Quadra 650.

The other difference is that Q650 does not have that connector, I added it on it and it does what Q800 does.

Q800 has ROM slot which Q650 does not have.


Performance wise or anything - is there any other difference?


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Is there an access time differential for on board memory? Shouldn't be as they're both 33MHz Machines, but there was a question about Quadra vs. Centris 650 memory. Maybe check the overclocking page, I think it's back up somewhere. That might give clues as to any minor differences.

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Spot the difference - 


They're both 68040 33mhz


Dark Green - Quadra 800

Green - Quadra 650


Quadra 800 Logicboard


Quadra 650 Logicboard


Connector & Jumper for Quadra 800


Missing connector on Quadra 650


Speaker connector on Quadra 800


Missing speaker connector on Quadra 650


ROM Slot on Q800


Missing ROM Slot on Q650


Quadra 650 - Missing D2 & U3 chips near monitor connector


Quadra 800 - chips in D2 & U3



Sorry could not image it all on here and img link didnt work either - I need to find new photohost page as I refuse to pay Photobucket.



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There are no speed or component differences between Quadra 650 and Quadra 800 models. The Centris 650, though, ran at 25 MHz, and some came with LC040 FPU-less CPUs and without motherboard ethernet.

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