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Macintosh SE FDHD, Hard Drive Migration?

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So, now that I have a mouse to work with, I can finally explore my Macintosh SE FDHD.  I understand that the hard drive is probably functioning

on borrowed time, I was wondering how I could migrate the contents of the old hard drive to a new hard drive or SCSI2SD setup, it still has a

bunch of programs that could be useful, also I've learned the provenance of this particular Macintosh originally came from a town in Kinsale, Ireland.

At least that is what one of the letters says of the owner in the machine.


Thanks for any advice that can be provided. I think the best thing I might be able to do is save all the files on 3.5" disk, but if there is a better way, I

would appreciate the help.



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I would get a SCSI2SD, prep it with an SD card of appropriate size and connect it to the external SCSI port. Format the "drive" and copy everything over. Remove the spinning HDD and mount the SCSI2SD inside. 

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Yes, a SCSI2SD can be used to save your HDD. For an external connection you need an adapter (50pin to 25 pin) and a cable for SCSI2SD 5.0 (25 pin sub D; 1:1). The version 5.1. can be delivered with an extra installed 25pin connector. Then you only need the cable (25pin sub D (and perhaps a power adapter(?), but I think power can be delivered by the SCSI port of the SE directly; for a mac plus you need an external power adapter)).





External enclosure:


I have 4 SCSI2SD 5.0 and I am very happy with them. You can change the SD card and boot different systems or you install up to 4 SCSI Drives on one SD-card. 2GB of memory is a lot for classic macs.





You can also use an external SCSI ZIP or a JAZ Drive. But they are often expensive and sometime are delivered defect.

I would not use 1.44 MB disk to save my HDD.



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