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Apple Profile hard drive

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Profile disk


I recently acquired a Apple Profile drive. It’s case did got damaged in transit but it was repairable.

On YouTube there are some video’s how the disk starts up, so I knew where to look for. I thought it would be nice to film the first and second startup up and have a close up at the stepping motor.

I post some pictures and the movies here.


If I have news about the actual condition ( will it work....) I will post it also here.









Some pictures:








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Some more pictures. Before shipping. To complete the information about this disk. The disk runs at 110V. I have an inverter.













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I connected it to my internal paralel cable to an 'in between cable' , a DB25 male male Lisa paralel cable and tested. Works fine! I could install a fresh system on it with the help of my FlopyEmu.


5MB back to live!

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